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Complete article listing, including backlogged articles.

B 2008 Dec This List (Jack Shirazi/
B 2008 Dec (/)

N 2004 Jun Yet more discussion. Someone could have made a lot of money from all the hot air (or superfluous characters) generated over this brouhaha.
N 2004 Jun First SPEC jAppServer2004 results (from IBM)
N 2004 Jun TeamStudio profilers spin off to form Enerjy Software
N 2004 Jun A survey of garbage collection in Java & .NET
N 2004 Jun OpenDemand load tester in the news.
N 2004 Jun Good discussion about the usefulness of multithreading, especially for perception as opposed to raw number crunching
N 2004 Jun Useful performance test showing the effects of different factors including application level processing, Java network I/O and OS I/O.
N 2004 Jun Java 1.5 seems 20% faster
T 2004 Jun Developing a performance strategy (H&W/H&W)
N 2004 Jun WebSphere aims to reduce hardware requirements by automatically optimizing workload sharing
N 2004 Jun Heroix eQ Management Suite lets you monitor performance according to specific business processes.
T 2004 Jun Improve XML transport performance, Part 1 (Dennis M. Sosnoski/IBM)
T 2004 Jun Improve XML transport performance, Part 2 (Dennis M. Sosnoski/IBM)
T 2004 Jun Message acknowledgment and redelivery with message-driven beans (Simon Brown/
N 2004 Jun Java vs C++ benchmark (updated)
N 2004 Jun Kirk's analysis of the (lack of) usefulness of the Java vs C++ benchmark
N 2004 Jun Java3D source code is being released. The resulting slahsdot discussion includes performance considerations, but I don't know why I continue to list slashdot discussions here because there is just so much noise in there compared to the very few items of useful info.
N 2004 Jun The slashdot fallout. This has got to be the funniest Java vs C++ discussion I've seen. The C++ lovers are desperately crying "unfair, we have to manage memory manually and you don't". Their suggestion to even up the score - add in lots of calls to System.gc() to slow down Java (in case you don't realize, Java does reclaim the memory without calls to System.gc, adding calls to System.gc just slows down how it does so). Further complaints all seemed to boil down to this being a benchmark biased to Java. But strangely enough it wasn't 3 years ago when the test against the then JVM version showed C++ faster. Probably some valid comments somewhere if you really dug amongst the drivel.

N 2004 May And the resulting discussion, explains what "Sockets Direct" is
N 2004 May Quest makes available a freeware version of JProbe profiler
T 2004 May J2EE application performance optimization (Rahul Kuchhal/JavaWorld)
B 2004 May The roundup of performance discussions over the last month. Kirk covers implementing caches, weak and soft references, and more
B 2004 May Question of the Month asks asks if runtime optimizations allows Java to outperform statically optimized languages.
B 2004 May This month's interview with Matt Tucker and Bill Lynch, founders of Jive Software, is essential reading for highly interactive sites and portals
N 2004 May Java 1.6 to better support shared JVMs
T 2004 May Understanding Tuning TCP (Deepak Kakadia/Prentice Hall)
N 2004 May Wily Introscope in use to monitor connections to non-Java resources
T 2004 May J2EE best practices (Kyle Brown Keys Botzum Ruth Willenborg/IBM)
N 2004 May Java is fast enough for games
N 2004 May Java at the GDC: NIO performance highlighted
N 2004 May SPEC Releases New Application Server Benchmark SPECjAppServer2004

N 2004 Apr Interesting followup discussion on the java memory model
N 2004 Apr JFluid 1.4.1 released
N 2004 Apr Teamstudio ThreadProfiler in the news
N 2004 Apr JDBInsight 2.1 New Features
N 2004 Apr Using HttpUnit for regression testing Web applications
T 2004 Apr J2EE data layer bottlenecks (Christopher Keene/JavaWorld)
B 2004 Apr The roundup of performance discussions over the last month. Kirk covers maintainability vs. performance, SQL tuning, Value objects, messaging and more
B 2004 Apr Question of the Month asks how to profile an applet
B 2004 Apr This month's interview with Gavin King, founder of Hibernate
B 2004 Apr Double Dispatching (Kirk Pepperdine/
N 2004 Apr Discussion about garbage collection
T 2004 Apr Connection Pools for JDBC (Alexey Prohorenko and Alexander Prohorenko/devX)
T 2004 Apr Genetic Algorithms & Optimal Solutions (Michael Larson/Dr. Dobb's Journal)
T 2004 Apr Monitoring Performance on Linux (JamesCLiu/
N 2004 Apr Raw NIO Performance, apparently not so great, but see the comments: it depends on what you are testing.
N 2004 Apr JBossCache 1.0 caching component released
T 2004 Apr JVM Monitoring and Management Specification (Benoy Jose/javaboutique)

N 2004 Mar Wiley's survey indicates faulty database connections are an important factor in application downtime
N 2004 Mar Veritas claims can isolate J2EE performance problems in minutes
N 2004 Mar The resulting discussion on the Wiley finding suggests the connection pool should handle connection robustness and maintenance. Features should include: efficient connection checking, maximum connection live time, maximum connection busy time, automatic eviction of connections that raised an exception, efficient prepared statement caching, fine tuning of the pool size, automatic grow/shrink according to load, dynamic reconfiguration, protection against 'burst allocation'.
N 2004 Mar Teamstudio Java Suite version 5 includes new thread profiler as well as new versions of memory and performance profilers
N 2004 Mar Example of using Mercury Interactive's LoadRunner
T 2004 Mar Defining and Building High-Performance Software (Adam Neat/STPmag)
T 2004 Mar Clustering and Load Balancing in Tomcat 5, Part 1 (Srini Penchikala/OnJava)
T 2004 Mar Job Scheduling in Java (Dejan Bosanac /OnJava)
T 2004 Mar Lazy Loading with Aspects (Russ Miles/OnJava)
T 2004 Mar Client-Side Cache Control Servlet Filter (Jayson Falkner/OnJava)
B 2004 Mar The roundup of performance discussions over the last month. Kirk covers memory tuning, caching, session state, obscure flags, 1.5 enhanced loop and more
B 2004 Mar Question of the Month: Why is a long primary key bad for performance?
T 2004 Mar The Commando Pattern (Jack Shirazi/
N 2004 Mar Despite the discussion title, this discussion has some valuable points about accelerating Java drawing performance. Just try to avoid the noise.
N 2004 Mar The resulting discussion from the finalizer performance test.
T 2004 Mar Use Threading Tricks to Improve Programs (Osvaldo Pinali Doederlein/JavaPro)
T 2004 Mar 9 Common Flaws of Unportable Mobile Java Apps (Simon Keogh/devX)
N 2004 Mar Doh! Rather obvious result from Compuware study that most performance problems are discovered when users report them.
N 2004 Mar CTO view of managing performance across the enterprise.
N 2004 Mar Performance monitoring and management is hot, and there are lot's of solutions available.
T 2004 Mar Web services performance considerations, Part 2 (Holt Adams/IBM)
T 2004 Mar MegaJogos scales up with NIO (Jack Shirazi Kirk Pepperdine/IBM)
T 2004 Mar Fixing the Java Memory Model, Part 2 (Brian Goetz/IBM)
T 2004 Mar J2EE Performance Tips (Carol McDonald/
T 2004 Mar Patch Leaky Connections (Bob Lee/
T 2004 Mar Concurrency Utilities (Brian Goetz/
T 2004 Mar Really Large Databases (Daniel Liu/Oracle)
T 2004 Mar Multi-Tier Tuning (Allan Edwards/Oracle)
N 2004 Mar 1.5 will include a new Network Transfer Format for Java Archives, including methods to read packed jar files in javax.pack. The Pack200 compressed rt.jar to 12% of uncompressed size.
N 2004 Mar Test comparing XML processing in Java vs. .NET, by Sun's "XML Performance Team"
N 2004 Mar Finalizers appear to be dramatically bad for performance.

T 2004 Feb Transactions in WebSphere 5.0 (Author Kyle Brown/Websphere Journal)
T 2004 Feb How to Diagnose a Performance Problem in a J2EE System (John Bley/WeblogicDJ)
N 2004 Feb Sun report shows Java "Beats .NET for Processing XML"
T 2004 Feb J2ME Game Optimization Secrets (Mike Shivas/MicroJava)
B 2004 Feb The roundup of performance discussions over the last month. Kirk covers object relational mapping tools, the performance difference in iterators and enumerations, different GC algorithms, and more
B 2004 Feb Question of the Month asks how to choose which feature to use
B 2004 Feb This month's interview with Lax Sakalkale, Senior Product Manager of the Optimizeit performance solutions
B 2004 Feb Fast random access (Jack Shirazi/
N 2004 Feb Discussion about Hibernate performance
T 2004 Feb Concurrent Programming (Cameron Hughes & Tracey Hughes/Addison Wesley)
T 2004 Feb Why Capacity Planning Is Seldom Done Well (Rich Schiesser/informIT)
T 2004 Feb Performance Forensics (Bob Sneed/Prentice Hall)
T 2004 Feb Translets (Raghu Donepudi/devX)
T 2004 Feb Rory Herriman on remote performance management (Programmers Report Staff/ADTmag)
T 2004 Feb Web services performance considerations, Part 1 (Holt Adams/IBM)
T 2004 Feb Exceptions best practice (Jack Shirazi Kirk Pepperdine/IBM)
T 2004 Feb Fixing the Java Memory Model, Part 1 (Brian Goetz/IBM)
T 2004 Feb Servlet API and NIO (Taylor Cowan/IBM)
T 2004 Feb NIO (Vish Krishnan/JDJ)
T 2004 Feb HTTP Session Garbage Collector (Abhinasha Karana/JDJ)
T 2004 Feb Better Binary Search Tree (Scott Mitchell/Microsoft)
N 2004 Feb Performance improvements for 1.5 means you'd better start tuning again from the no-options default.
N 2004 Feb New JVM profiling API (JVMTI) and other monitoring facilities including a low memory detector.
T 2004 Feb Using a Request Filter to Limit the Load on Web Applications (Kevin Chipalowsky, Ivelin Ivanov/

N 2004 Jan YourKit Java Profiler 2.0 beta is available
N 2004 Jan Smart Value Object Project Launched
N 2004 Jan Fascinating discussion on NIO and asynchronous calls. A huge amount of information included, worth reading to the end.
N 2004 Jan BEA Announces Two New Java Benchmark Results
N 2004 Jan Hemisphere Technologies announces JDO Genie 2.2, a high performance JDO O/R mapping product.
B 2004 Jan The roundup of performance discussions over the last month. Kirk covers session beans, timing distributed calls, garbage collection and more
B 2004 Jan Question of the Month asks about profiling J2EE applications
B 2004 Jan This month's interview with Bela Ban, lead for JBossCache
B 2004 Jan Learning From Code: Fast Fail Iterators
N 2004 Jan And the javalobby discussion about the 9-langauge performance comparison.
N 2004 Jan Wily survey on Java app performance. Not really that interesting.
T 2004 Jan Writing garbage collection-friendly classes (Author Brian Goetz/IBM)
N 2004 Jan Sun labs has released JFluid 1.3.1
N 2004 Jan Nine Language Performance Round-up: Benchmarking Math & File I/O. Java suffers on some because of it's strict Math mode, binary compatibility across platforms. They've known about this performance issue for four years, and designed the trig to support strict math and non-strict math, but never enabled the non-strict version for use by developers, which is a bit silly. Shame, because if they had, Java would have won on almost every count in this benchmark comparison.
T 2004 Jan Binary Trees and BSTs (Scott Mitchell/Microsoft)
N 2004 Jan Optimizing JBoss: Experiences with SPECj2002, a detailed listing of performance changes needed to optimize JBoss for this benchmark. Fascinating.
T 2004 Jan Monitoring Class Loading and Garbage Collection (John Zukowski/Sun)
N 2004 Jan The resulting slashdot discussion about the 9-langauge performance comparison.
T 2004 Jan Thread-Dumps (Author Alexandre Rafalovitch/BEA)

N 2003 Dec New IBM SpecjAppServer2002 benchmark number running WebSphere 5.1
N 2003 Dec Westbridge Technology Announces Web Services Management Speedometer Program for Real-World Performance Benchmarking
N 2003 Dec Latest JMS Benchmark Results: FioranoMQ Still the Fastest JMS Server
B 2003 Dec Roundup for December 2003 (Kirk Pepperdine/
B 2003 Dec Question of the Month: -Xprof profiler (Jack Shirazi/
B 2003 Dec Javva The Hutt for December 2003 (JavvaTheHutt/
B 2003 Dec Interviewing Jayson Falkner (Jack Shirazi/
T 2003 Dec Java performace tuning (Steven Haines/informIT)
T 2003 Dec Load Testing with Apache JMeter Kulvir (Singh Bhogal/DevX)
T 2003 Dec J2EE Design Strategies That Boost Performance (Lara D'Abreo/devX)
T 2003 Dec Webserver + Application server configuration (Akash Kava/
T 2003 Dec Java Sound, Compressing Audio with mu-Law Encoding (Richard G. Baldwin/
T 2003 Dec Parsing XML documents partially with StAX (Berthold Daum/IBM)
B 2003 Dec Bytecode performance analysis (Jack Shirazi Kirk Pepperdine/IBM)
T 2003 Dec Improving HttpSession Performance with Smart Serialization (Kyle Brown, Keys Botzum/IBM)
T 2003 Dec Multithreading in Swing & ThreadLocal Variables (John Zukowski/Sun)

B 2003 Nov How to Diagnose a Performance Problem in a J2EE System (John Bley/WebLogicDevelopersJournal)
B 2003 Nov The Uses of Constant Expressions (Doug Dunn /JavaDevelopersJournal)
N 2003 Nov Wily announces new version of introscope with JVM level monitoring
N 2003 Nov Teamstudio has released Edition 4 of its Teamstudio for Java suite
B 2003 Nov Two Servlet Filters Every Web Application Should Have (Jayson Falkner/OnJava)
B 2003 Nov Inside Class Loaders (Andreas Schaefer/OnJava)
B 2003 Nov Weak References in Java (nav/JPTC)
B 2003 Nov The Bridge Pattern (karschten/JPTC)
B 2003 Nov Roundup for November 2003 (Kirk Pepperdine/
B 2003 Nov Question of the Month: Dealing with OutOfMemoryError(Jack Shirazi/
B 2003 Nov Interviewing Bruce Tate (Kirk Pepperdine/
B 2003 Nov Implementing Highly Available and Scalable Solutions Using the WebLogic Cluster (Jatinder Prem/informIT)
N 2003 Nov Dirig Software announces Dirig Application Performance Platform (APP), an integrated J2EE performance management suite
B 2003 Nov HttpUnit and the Test-driven Methodology (Wellie Chao/devX)
B 2003 Nov Scheduling recurring tasks in Java applications (Tom White/IBM)
B 2003 Nov Indeterminate progress bars (John Zukowski/IBM)
B 2003 Nov Garbage collection in the 1.4.1 JVM (Brian Goetz/IBM)
T 2003 Nov The Queue, Stack, and Hashtable (Scott Mitchel/Microsoft)
N 2003 Nov JSR174 Monitoring and Management Specification for the JVM available for review. Lists the stats that will be available to monitor.
N 2003 Nov BEA announces Enhanced WebLogic Server Performance Monitoring Capabilities Through WebLogic Performance Monitor Console Extension (WL PMCE)

B 2003 Oct J2EE Application Profiling in WebSphere Studio (Benedict Fernandes, Ali Murtaza Manji/IBM)
B 2003 Oct Give your DB a break (Dion Almaer/TheServerSide)
B 2003 Oct Performance best practices using WAS (Harvey Gunther/WebSphereDevelopersJournal)
B 2003 Oct Think Async (Edwin Khodabakchian/WebServicesJournal)
B 2003 Oct Zip Objects, Zap Wait Time (Robert Beckett/JavaDevelopersJournal)
B 2003 Oct XML Parsing in a Producer-Consumer Model (Prabu Arumugam/OnJava)
B 2003 Oct Qualities of a Good Middle-Tier Architecture (Satya Komatineni/OnJava)
B 2003 Oct Performance of java.util.Map implementors and iterating a Map (karschten/JPTC)
N 2003 Oct JInspired Announces JDBInsight 2.0 Release, integrates Java profiling information with JDBC/SQL transaction analysis.
B 2003 Oct MemoryCounter for Java 1.4 (Heinz Kabutz/Kabutz)
B 2003 Oct Roundup for October 2003 (Kirk Pepperdine/
B 2003 Oct Question of the Month: how HotSpot boosts performance (Jack Shirazi/
B 2003 Oct Javva The Hutt for October 2003 (JavvaTheHutt/
B 2003 Oct Interviewing Steve Mayer (Jack Shirazi/
N 2003 Oct IronGrid goes open source
B 2003 Oct Business Tier Design Considerations (Deepak Alur, John Crupi, Dan Malks/informIT)
B 2003 Oct Minimize Java Distributions with an Automated, Custom JAR File (Greg Travis/devX)
B 2003 Oct Explore J2EE Antipatterns (William Crawford, Jonathan Kaplan/devX)
B 2003 Oct Pattern Summaries: Cache Management (Mark Grand/
B 2003 Oct Abstract Factory Pattern (Mark Grand/Gamelan)
B 2003 Oct Maximing Windows Platform Performance (Rob High/
B 2003 Oct Hooking to PerfMon from Java (Nitin Nanda & Sunil Kumar/
B 2003 Oct Implementing Highly Available and Scalable Solutions Using the WebLogic Cluster (Prem, Ciconte, Devgan, Dunbar, & Go/Sams Publishing)
B 2003 Oct Load Balancing and Failover in the JBoss Application Server (Sacha Labourey/TFCC)
N 2003 Oct 842 Technology Unveils Engine/J, highly scalable efficient HTTP server enhancer for application servers (Tomcat, JBoss/Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss/Jetty, Oracle 9iAS, Orion).
B 2003 Oct probability distributions build effective probability models (Paul Meagher/IBM)
B 2003 Oct How does garbage collection work? (Brian Goetz/IBM)
B 2003 Oct Non-blocking communications with JSSE and NIO (Kenneth Ballard/IBM)
B 2003 Oct Stress testing (Jack Shirazi, Kirk Pepperdine/IBM)
N 2003 Oct new Java 2D pipeline for 1.5 Solaris release, won't be ready for Windows until later releases
B 2003 Oct Rethinking Swing Threading (Jonathan Simon/
B 2003 Oct Is it ever too early to optimize? (James Gosling/
B 2003 Oct NIO part2 (Jason Hunter/Oracle)
T 2003 Oct Data Structures (Scott Mitchell/Microsoft)
N 2003 Oct more Swing Sightings
N 2003 Oct java.util.concurrent (JSR 166) docs public review.
N 2003 Oct extensive discussion about cost/scalability issues for a particular large-scale Java based web-site [And in case anyone ever wondered, consists of static webpages generated using Java programs, because that gives you the fastest experience for the end-user]
B 2003 Oct CHOOSERS OUTSIDE DIALOGS (John Zukowski/Sun)
N 2003 Oct WebLogic Announces Performance Monitor Console Extension

N 2003 Sep Wily announces study on Java Performance, calls for participation
B 2003 Sep chp 5 "J2EE Patterns Overview" of 'Core J2EE Patterns' (Deepak Alur, John Crupi, and Dan Malks/Prentice Hall)
B 2003 Sep chp 3 "Business Tier Design Considerations and Bad Practices" of 'Core J2EE Patterns' (Deepak Alur, John Crupi, and Dan Malks/Prentice Hall)
N 2003 Sep TMC Releases Performance Case Study Results
N 2003 Sep Interesting discussion about Java games, slight reference to performance: "I'd especially like to ... turn on incremental and concurrent collection and adjust heap size min/maxes [at run time], and I'd really like to be able to specify a millisecond-resolution throttle on concurrent collection activity and ask it to make an incremental collection at a specific point in time, during a SwapBuffers. This is pretty important. I do other things besides games with Java - I'm doing something for Abu Dhabi TV right now using the LWJGL; they need a caption-generation system. Unfortunately, as it's live TV I'm not allowed to skip a single frame ever. It's pretty scary having to worry about GC occurring. And it's very noticeable when it does."
N 2003 Sep Listing JSRs of interest to the performance community (163, 174, 133, 166).
N 2003 Sep eBay's services-driven network architecture
N 2003 Sep Benchmark comparing PHP, ASP and Java servlet performance for database access.
B 2003 Sep Web and Enterprise Architecture Design Patterns for J2EE (Ganesh Prasad, Rajat Taneja and Vikrant Todankar/OnJava)
B 2003 Sep Swing and Threads (karschten/JPTC)
N 2003 Sep flash demo showing JDBInsight in action analyzing db transactions
B 2003 Sep (/)
B 2003 Sep Adapter design pattern (David Geary/Javaworld)
B 2003 Sep MemoryCounter for Java 1.4 (Heinz M. Kabutz/Kabutz)
T 2003 Sep Kirk's Roundup September 2003 (Kirk Pepperdine/
T 2003 Sep Timers and audio performance (Scot Mcphee/
N 2003 Sep Now well known comment from Yahoo SiteBuilder lead engineer in discussion thread about this Java Swing product.
N 2003 Sep J3D looks like it may be dead, or at least comatose: "The final two developers working on Java3D have been sacked by Sun ... At this point Java3D is effectively dead"
N 2003 Sep Borland announces availability of ServerTrace DataCenter 2.0 J2EE monitor.
B 2003 Sep Game Character Path Finding in Java (David Brackeen/informIT)
N 2003 Sep Gavin King of Hibernate offers $100 to anyone who can make handcoded JDBC faster than Hibernate generated JDBC.
B 2003 Sep Architecture Is Key to Optimization (Peter Varhol/JavaPro)
B 2003 Sep Pattern Summaries: Object Pool (Mark Grand/
B 2003 Sep XML parsing for J2ME applications (Soma Ghosh/IBM)
B 2003 Sep Characterizing thread safety (Brian Goetz/IBM)
B 2003 Sep ConcurrentHashMap implementation (Brian Goetz/IBM)
B 2003 Sep Using Javassist to time methods (Dennis M. Sosnoski/IBM)
B 2003 Sep VolatileImage Q&A (Chet Haase/
B 2003 Sep VolatileImage (Chet Haase/
N 2003 Sep JDBC Rowset Implementations
N 2003 Sep 1.4.2 performance whitepaper
B 2003 Sep Wireless Game Development (Bill Day/Sun)
B 2003 Sep J2EE Best Practices (Carol McDonald/Sun)
B 2003 Sep How To Tune The HotSpot Virtual Machine (Simon Ritter/Sun)
B 2003 Sep Building Effective Applications (Simon Ritter/Sun)
B 2003 Sep WORKING WITH SOCKETCHANNELS (Daniel H. Steinberg /Sun)
B 2003 Sep EJB QL Select Methods (Mark Johnson/Sun)
B 2003 Sep Pattern Summaries: Prototype (Mark Grand/

T 2003 Aug JMS Application Architectures (Roland Barcia/TheServerSide)
T 2003 Aug Hyperthreading Java (Paul Bemowski/JavaDevelopersJournal)
B 2003 Aug Using the Singleton Pattern (Budi Kurniawan/OnJava)
B 2003 Aug Memoization in Java Using Dynamic Proxy Classes (Tom White/OnJava)
B 2003 Aug Clusteriing with JBoss (Ivelin Ivanov/OnJava)
B 2003 Aug To synchronize or not to synchronize (karschten/JPTC)
B 2003 Aug Reading a file using different techniques (karschten/JPTC )
B 2003 Aug Chain of Responsibility pattern (David Geary/JavaWorld)
T 2003 Aug Profiling the profilers (Laurence Vanhelsuwé /JavaWorld)
T 2003 Aug Fast math with JNI (Jeff S. Smith/JavaWorld)
B 2003 Aug Asserting Locks (Heinz Kabutz/Kabutz)
T 2003 Aug Kirk's Roundup August 2003 (Kirk Pepperdine/
N 2003 Aug IronGrid releases IronTrack SQL JDBC monitor.
B 2003 Aug Calculating for Uncertainty (Frank J. Bernhard/Intelligent Enterprise)
B 2003 Aug The Trie of Knowledge (James W. Cooper/JavaPro)
B 2003 Aug The Trouble with Distributed Objects (Daniel F. Savarese/JavaPro)
B 2003 Aug Quality of Service for Web Services (Rajesh Sumra and Arulazi D/Gamelan)
B 2003 Aug Transaction Management (James McGovern, Sameer Tyagi, Michael Stevens, and Sunil Mathew/Morgan Kaufmann Publishers)
T 2003 Aug Referencing objects (Jack Shirazi Kirk Pepperdine/IBM)
B 2003 Aug ConcurrentHashMap (Brian Goetz/IBM)
B 2003 Aug Dynamic JNLP (Claude Lacombe/IBM)
T 2003 Aug BufferedImage as Good as Butter II (Chet Haase/
T 2003 Aug BufferedImage as Good as Butter (Chet Haase/
N 2003 Aug The difference between being able to use a profiler and being able to performance tune an application.
B 2003 Aug Multithreaded Tests with JUnit (N. Alex Rupp/
N 2003 Aug Tangosol Helps Deliver Improved Scalable Performance and Reliability of J2EE Applications.
N 2003 Aug Panacya Announces Performance Management Support for BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1 .
N 2003 Aug Borland Launches J2EE Application Performance Solution for Enterprise Development Teams.
N 2003 Aug Wily Technology's Introscope Monitors Health and Availability of IBM Websphere Portal.
B 2003 Aug Fast Web Services (Paul Sandoz, Santiago Pericas-Geertsen, Kohuske Kawaguchi, Marc Hadley, and Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart/Sun)

B 2003 Jul Trimming the fat from Swing (Marcus S. Zarra/JDJ)
T 2003 Jul Performance of Java Compilers (Haralambos Marmanis/JDJ)
N 2003 Jul OpenDemand announces OpenLoad rapid performance optimization tool
T 2003 Jul Generics in Java (Rob Smith/OCI)
T 2003 Jul Optimizing the Client/Server Communication for Mobile Applications, Part 1 (Forum Nokia/Nokia)
B 2003 Jul Implement Flyweight to improve performance (David Geary/JavaWorld)
T 2003 Jul Add concurrent processing with message-driven beans (Amit Poddar/JavaWorld)
B 2003 Jul Business Object Factory framework (James Carman/JavaWorld)
T 2003 Jul An Automatic Wait Cursor: WaitCursorEventQueue (Nathan Arthur/Kabutz)
T 2003 Jul Kirk's Roundup July 2003 (Kirk Pepperdine/
B 2003 Jul JDBC, CMP, or JDO? (Dr. Wilson Cheng and Dr. Pinaki Poddar/JavaPro)
B 2003 Jul Factor in Performance and Portability (Dr. Wilson Cheng and Dr. Pinaki Poddar/JavaPro)
B 2003 Jul More Object Persistence Choice Factors (Dr. Wilson Cheng and Dr. Pinaki Poddar/JavaPro)
T 2003 Jul Continuous Performance (Cliff Sharples/DevX)
B 2003 Jul Developing Entity Beans (Saleem Siddiqui, Michael Landy, and Jeff Swisher/Sams Publishing)
T 2003 Jul Compilation speed, exceptions, and heap size (Jack Shirazi, Kirk Pepperdine/IBM)
T 2003 Jul Proper handling of the four session scopes (Kyle Gabhart/IBM)
T 2003 Jul ConcurrentHashMap and CopyOnWriteArrayList offer thread safety and improved scalability (Brian Goetz/IBM)
B 2003 Jul Applied reflection (Dennis M. Sosnoski/IBM)
B 2003 Jul Scaling Web services and applications with JavaGroups (Sing Li/IBM)
B 2003 Jul Getting started with new I/O (NIO) (Greg Travis/IBM)
N 2003 Jul Java Case Studies extracted from JavaOne, including performance statistics for many huge websites (eBay 1 billion pages per day)
B 2003 Jul Making trade-offs (Daniel H Steinberg/
T 2003 Jul Living with Leaks (Craig Castelaz/
B 2003 Jul Trader Pattern for Invoking Services (Samudra Gupta/javaboutique)
B 2003 Jul A Barebones Guide to Usability Testing (Jeremy Petersen/JavaBoutique)
N 2003 Jul Altoweb closes
T 2003 Jul Deciding between iterators and lists for returned values in Java (Ryan Brase/

B 2003 Jun (/)
N 2003 Jun Volano JVM performance report updated
B 2003 Jun Bitter Tunes chapter 9 (Bruce Tate Mike Clark Bob Lee Patrick Linskey/Manning Publications)
B 2003 Jun (/)
B 2003 Jun Sets and Lists and Maps (Frank Jania/JDJ)
B 2003 Jun JCache (Nigel Thomas/JDJ)
B 2003 Jun ODBMS (?/Barry & Associates)
N 2003 Jun HP sets new specjbb2000 record
N 2003 Jun Report showing what features application servers support, including focus on the performance effects of pools
N 2003 Jun Testmaker 4.0 now available
B 2003 Jun JDO Persistence (Chapter 7 of Java Database Best Practices) (George Reese/O'Reilly)
B 2003 Jun J2EE Application Deployment Considerations (Allen Chan/OnJava)
B 2003 Jun JSP Progress Bars (Andrei Cioroianu/OnJava)
B 2003 Jun Java and Dilbert (Frank Karlstrøm/Karlstrøm)
B 2003 Jun Measuring Performance from the Java Side (Marc Logemann/Midrange Programmer)
B 2003 Jun J2EE vs .NET PetStore (TMC/TMC)
B 2003 Jun MIDP 2.0: Working with Pixels and drawRGB (Forum Nokia/Nokia)
T 2003 Jun Ch9 of Bitter EJB, Bitter tunes (Bruce Tate, Mike Clark, Bob Lee, Patrick Linskey/Manning)
T 2003 Jun Ch6 of Bitter EJB, Bitter messages (Bruce Tate, Mike Clark, Bob Lee, Patrick Linskey/Manning)
B 2003 Jun Optimization of the loop performance (karschten/JPTC)
B 2003 Jun (/)
B 2003 Jun Customize SwingWorker to improve Swing GUIs (Yexin Chen/JavaWorld)
T 2003 Jun High-availability mobile applications (Michael Juntao Yuan/JavaWorld)
B 2003 Jun Into the mist of serializaton myths (Vladimir Roubtsov/JavaWorld)
T 2003 Jun Kirk's Roundup June 2003 (Kirk Pepperdine/
N 2003 Jun Jade UTF8 speedup
N 2003 Jun Java vs C# reg exp speed test (Java orders of magnitude faster)
N 2003 Jun JProbe review
T 2003 Jun Performance Tuning To Make WebSphere App Servers Sing (Gian Trotta/Candle)
B 2003 Jun (/)
B 2003 Jun (/)
B 2003 Jun Understanding the Planning Process (Tyson Gill/Prentice Hall)
N 2003 Jun What may be new in JVM 1.5: new profiling API accommodates dynamically enabled and disabled profiling; negligible performance impact when profiling is disabled; low overhead when profiling is enabled; shared JVM support; lots more.
N 2003 Jun Java vs C# encryption speed test (Java 44% faster)
B 2003 Jun Java)ne technical sessions (Brian Goetz/IBM)
N 2003 Jun Java performance is now "good enough," and development resources are being shifted to other goals, such as stability and quality.
B 2003 Jun Garbage collection reduces the need to track object ownership -- but it doesn't eliminate it (Brian Goetz/IBM)
B 2003 Jun Use run-time class information to limber up your programming (Dennis M. Sosnoski/IBM)
B 2003 Jun prototype is middleware that optimizes performance of your grid application (James H. Kaufman Tobin J. Lehman Glenn Deen John Thomas/IBM)
T 2003 Jun minimize pause times in IBM JVM (Aruna Kalagnanam Sripathi Kodi/IBM)
B 2003 Jun Best Practices and Web services Profiles (IBM/IBM)
B 2003 Jun Designing and Writing Java Action Games for Small Devices (Kay Neuenhofen/Sun)
T 2003 Jun AlwaysUseStringBufferMisconception (dubwai/
N 2003 Jun Why Java Sound still has timing problems
T 2003 Jun Optimizing EJB Performance in High-Volume Data-Warehousing Applications Patterns, Strategies and Best Practices (Samrat Ray, Arunabh Hazarika/Sun)
T 2003 Jun Java Technology Design Patterns for High-Load Web Sites (Leon Shklar, John Burket/Sun)
T 2003 Jun Optimizing XML Processing for Performance (Rob Ruyak, Lalit Mathwani, Biswadeep Nag/Sun)
T 2003 Jun A Billion Hits a Day (Deepak Alur, Rajmohan Krishnamurthy, Arnold Goldberg/Sun)
T 2003 Jun Garbage Collection in the Java HotSpot Virtual Machine (John Coomes, Tony Printezis/Sun)
T 2003 Jun Measuring Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Application Performance in Production (Geoff Vona/Sun)
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T 2003 Jun How J2EE Technology, Open Standards and Open Source Brought You the Architecture of the Miller Time Network (John Haro/Sun)
T 2003 Jun Performance Tuning the Sun ONE Application Server (David Dagastine, Eileen Loh, Scott Oaks, Martin Zaun/Sun)
T 2003 Jun Detecting and Solving Common J2EE Application Performance Problems (Charles Palczak/Sun)
T 2003 Jun Dispelling the EJB Architecture CMP Performance Myths (Michael E. Bouchard, Lora C. Wallace/Sun)
T 2003 Jun Taking Advantage of the Java 2D API in your Rich Client Application (Jim Graham, Shannon Hickey, Chris Campbell/Sun)
T 2003 Jun Graphics Performance Writing Optimized Client Applications (Scott Violet, Joshua Outwater, Chet Haase/Sun)
T 2003 Jun Java Technology for Game Developers (Chet Haase, Dmitri Trembovetski, Doug Twilleager/Sun)
B 2003 Jun NIO part1 (Jason Hunter/Oracle)
N 2003 Jun IBM APERA performance modeling and evaluation, resource allocation, and capacity planning for Java applications
N 2003 Jun GemStone GemFire distributed cache enables high performance scalable system
N 2003 Jun FastUtil has moved home
T 2003 Jun Generating Diagnostics by Monitoring the System Event Queue (John Zukowski/Sun)

B 2003 May Analyzing high-traffic sites with Tivoli Web Site Analyzer (Ed Gondek/IBM)
T 2003 May designing for performance (Ajit Sagar/JDJ)
B 2003 May Mobile UIs (Aaron Marcus/SDmag)
B 2003 May JBoss Optimizations 101 (Sacha Labourey and Juha Lindfors/OnJava)
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B 2003 May Transparently cache XSL transformations with JAXP (Alexey Valikov/JavaWorld)
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T 2003 May Multi-Dimensional Arrays - Creation Performance (Heinz Kabutz/Kabutz)
B 2003 May Too many dimensions are bad for you (Heinz Kabutz/Kabutz)
B 2003 May (/)
B 2003 May Treating Types Equally - or - Life's Not Fair!(/)
T 2003 May Kirk's Roundup May 2003 (Kirk Pepperdine/
T 2003 May Concurrency in Java (Bruce Eckel/informIT)
B 2003 May Rev Up WebSphere V5 Performance (Ruth Willenborg Stacy Joines/)
B 2003 May Introduction to the Java Robot Class in Java (Richard G. Baldwin/Gamelan)
B 2003 May Java Sound, Writing More Robust Audio Programs (Richard G. Baldwin/Gamelan)
B 2003 May Add logging to your JDBC code with an enhanced PreparedStatement (Jens Wyke/IBM)
B 2003 May Defining hashCode() and equals() effectively and correctly (Brian Goetz/IBM)
B 2003 May Capacity Planning for web applications (Rajib Das/Rajib Das)
B 2003 May Java Logging with J2EE/ HTTP Request Forwarding, Redirecting, and Including (Mark Johnson/Sun)
N 2003 May Mercury buys Performant
N 2003 May JPT 2nd ed makes JavaWorld top 3 finalists list
N 2003 May Excelsior announce JFCMark, the first JFC/Swing benchmark suite
N 2003 May Quest Central for J2EE comprises three main tools: -- Foglight, a 24x7 monitoring product that monitors every component affecting application performance; PerformaSure, a low overhead J2EE diagnostic tool for analyzing live transactions in distributed systems; and, JProbe, Java JVM profiler
N 2003 May J2SE 1.4.2 startup time for command line applications has been decreased by roughly 30%, and for Swing applications by roughly 15-20%; 20-30% performance boost on floating-point-intensive code.
N 2003 May Class.forName and related methods are significantly faster; client mode: faster compilation, smaller footprint; server mode: faster floating point calculation & NullPointerException handling; NIO channel garbage collection faster; major performance improvement for JFileChooser; faster JVM startup
N 2003 May Jinspired announces free licenses for JDBInsight 1.2 Developer Edition
N 2003 May Sonic Software Demonstrates 'Massive Scalability' of Standards-Based Telecommunications Solution
N 2003 May Sonic Software Demonstrates 'Massive Scalability' of Standards-Based Telecommunications Solution
N 2003 May Sonic Software Demonstrates 'Massive Scalability' of Standards-Based Telecommunications Solution

B 2003 Apr Understanding your Web site's health Reporting with Tivoli Web Site Analyzer (Ed Gondek/IBM)
B 2003 Apr You can't manage if you don't measure Collecting data with Tivoli Web Site Analyzer (Ed Gondek/IBM)
N 2003 Apr Whats new in Websphere performance monitoring
T 2003 Apr Continuous Performance (Cody Menard/TheServerSide)
T 2003 Apr Understanding Performance in Web Service Development (Peter Varhol/Web Services Journal)
T 2003 Apr Debunking the Myth of In-Process Application Layer Caching in J2EE Architectures (Helen Thomas /JDJ)
T 2003 Apr Errant Architectures (Martin Fowler/Software Development Magazine)
B 2003 Apr Enums in Java (John I. Moore, Jr./OnJava)
B 2003 Apr How Java Web Servers Work (Budi Kurniawan/Onjava)
T 2003 Apr Handling Multiple Submits (Al Saganich/OnJava)
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T 2003 Apr Performance of Java Collections that implements the List - Interface (karschten/JPTC)
B 2003 Apr The Singleton pattern (David Geary/JavaWorld)
T 2003 Apr Use select for high-speed networking (Greg Travis/Javaworld)
T 2003 Apr Watch your HotSpot compiler go (Vladimir Roubtsov/Javaworld)
B 2003 Apr Appending Strings(/)
N 2003 Apr Java Performance Tuning, 2,d ed. book review
T 2003 Apr Kirk's Roundup April 2003 (Kirk Pepperdine/
B 2003 Apr Concurrent Programming in Java: State Dependence (Douglas Lea/)
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B 2003 Apr Monitor Multitiered Apps in one Location (Mark Nadelson/Java Pro)
N 2003 Apr Working with kXML, small XML parser
B 2003 Apr Book Excerpt: Performance Analysis for Java Websites, Chapter 7: "Test Scripts" (Stacy Joines, Ruth Willenborg Ken Hygh/Addison-Wesley)
N 2003 Apr How to run the Trade 3 Websphere benchmark
N 2003 Apr Writing a Performance Monitoring Tool Using WebSphere Application Server's Performance Monitoring Infrastructure API
T 2003 Apr Proactive Application Monitoring (Alexandre Polozoff/IBM)
N 2003 Apr Using HttpUnit
B 2003 Apr Implementing a Highly Available Infrastructure for WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, Version 5.0 without Clustering (Tom Alcott/IBM)
N 2003 Apr Trade 3 Websphere benchmark
T 2003 Apr A collection of practical examples for improving system responsiveness (Cameron Laird/IBM)
B 2003 Apr Which J2EE technology is best suited to your enterprise? (Kyle Gabhart/IBM)
B 2003 Apr Fullscreen Exclusive Mode (John Zukowski/IBM)
T 2003 Apr Urban performance legends (Brian Goetz/IBM)
B 2003 Apr jsp:include (Brett McLaughlin/IBM)
B 2003 Apr Classes and class loading (Dennis M. Sosnoski/IBM)
B 2003 Apr Creating 2D Action Games with the Game API (Jonathan Knudsen/Sun)
B 2003 Apr (Birgit Roehm/IBM)
B 2003 Apr New Tricks With Design Pattern: Java Value Types (Noah Horton/javaboutique)
N 2003 Apr Instantiations no longer selling Jove, recommending Excelsior Jet instead
B 2003 Apr Tuning the Keep-Alive Subsystem in Sun ONE Web Server 6.0 (Jackson Thompson Marina Sum Chris Elving/Sun)
B 2003 Apr REUSING EXCEPTIONS (John Zukowski/Sun)
B 2003 Apr Maximizing Performance, Availability, and Security of BEA WebLogic Clusters (Brian Walck & Vadim Rosenberg/BEA)
N 2003 Apr IronGrid announces IronEye Cache

N 2003 Mar Tower Technology, the vendor of TowerJ shuts up shop.
N 2003 Mar Interview and discussion on transactional messaging, including performance tradeoffs
N 2003 Mar Benchmarking Tomcat
B 2003 Mar Optimizing Java applications (The Middleware Company/TheserverSide)
B 2003 Mar J2EE Best practices for performance (Darren Broemmer/TheserverSide)
B 2003 Mar Optimizing Wbsphere 5.0 performance (Harvey Gunther/Web Services Journal)
N 2003 Mar JProbe selected by TransUnion because of it's visualization capabilities
N 2003 Mar More grist for the Swing vs SWT mill
B 2003 Mar Creating a video game (MeatFighter) (Michael Birken/JDJ)
B 2003 Mar Dangerous Threads (Robert C. Martin/Software Development Magazine)
B 2003 Mar java spaces (Bernhard Angerer/OnJava)
T 2003 Mar Minimize Contention (Ted Neward/Neward)
N 2003 Mar Frank Karlstrøm took the Vervaet and De Cock's article on optimizing an application, and went still further.
B 2003 Mar Sorting procedures (karschten/JPTC)
B 2003 Mar Effects to Performance using Strings (karschten/JPTC)
B 2003 Mar J2EE Application server performance (karschten/JPTC)
B 2003 Mar The Immutable Pattern (karschten/JPTC)
B 2003 Mar The Observer pattern (David Geary/Javaworld)
T 2003 Mar 1.4.1 garbage collectors (Greg Holling/Javaworld)
B 2003 Mar Avoid duplicate form submission (Romain Guay/Javaworld)
B 2003 Mar Wait, Cursor, Wait! (Herman Lintvelt/Kabutz)
T 2003 Mar Kirk's Roundup March 2003 (Kirk Pepperdine/
N 2003 Mar A small change in StringBuffer code in 1.4.1 seriously affects memory requirements for some types of usage, notably current XML parsers
N 2003 Mar Sun fixes JFileChooser speed problem
N 2003 Mar BEA claims new version 8.0 of JRockit is fastest JVM
T 2003 Mar J2EE perf tuning 1 (Steven Haines/informIT)
T 2003 Mar J2EE perf tuning 2 (Steven Haines/informIT)
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B 2003 Mar 1140 BEA WebLogic Portal Content Management System
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B 2003 Mar 1230 Improving Performance and Cutting Costs with BEA and Intel
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B 2003 Mar 1167 Maximizing JDBC Performance
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B 2003 Mar 1123 High Performance CMP
B 2003 Mar 1118 BEA WebLogic JRockit: Best of Breed JVM
B 2003 Mar 1201 dev2dev Developers' Tips & Tricks for EJB Development
N 2003 Mar JVM server performance comparison between JRockit 8.0 and Sun HotSpot 1.4.1. JRockit wins.
B 2003 Mar Filtering tricks for Tomcat 5 (Sing Li/IBM)
B 2003 Mar J2EE technologies for the stateful network (Kyle Gabhart/IBM)
B 2003 Mar new I/O buffers (John Zukowski/IBM)
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B 2003 Mar Distributed Services Management (Noam Camiel/IBM)
B 2003 Mar Oracle9iAS TopLink Accelerates (Donald Smith/Oracle)
B 2003 Mar Java Value Types (Noah Horton/JavaBoutique)
N 2003 Mar Precise tunes Lunn Poly. Some examples of problems tuned away.
B 2003 Mar Servlets and JSP Pages Best Practices (Qusay H. Mahmoud/Sun)
B 2003 Mar Discovering the Calling Method Name (John Zukowski/Sun)
N 2003 Mar Advanced imaging early access. "Enables developers to easily incorporate high-performance, network-enabled, scalable, platform-independent image processing into Java technology".
B 2003 Mar Optimizing strategy (various/C2)
B 2003 Mar Java reference objects make caching easy(Alexandre Pereira Calsavara/

B 2003 Feb Optimal DB2 performance with SQLJ and JDBC (Tom Syroid/IBM)
T 2003 Feb Rod Johnson interview (TheServerSide/TheServerSide)
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B 2003 Feb Critical Decisions for service oriented software (Walter Hurst/Web Services Journal)
T 2003 Feb JMS security options (Steve Trythall/JavaDevelopersJournal)
N 2003 Feb Quest announces version 2.0 of PerformaSure J2EE performance monitor
B 2003 Feb Static Analysis with PMD (Tom Copeland/OnJava)
B 2003 Feb the Decorator Pattern (Budi Kurniawan/OnJava)
T 2003 Feb Optimizing (Ted Neward/Ted Neward)
B 2003 Feb Singleton pattern (karschten/JPTC)
T 2003 Feb Thread safety (Vladimir Roubtsov/Javaworld)
T 2003 Feb Kirk's Roundup February 2003 (Kirk Pepperdine/
N 2003 Feb The 2-year old doc that suggested Sun had better things to do than waste time making Java run fast on Solaris
T 2003 Feb Enterprise Java Performance: Best Practices (Kingsum Chow Ricardo Morin Kumar Shiv/Intel)
N 2003 Feb GemStone announces new GemFire Suite, optimizes data tranfer across enterprise applications
N 2003 Feb Interview about Symbian. Some discussion about peformance. "the biggest mistake a developer can make is assuming that Java on a mobile phone is just like Java on the desktop"
B 2003 Feb Mastering Interaction Modes (Mauro Marinilli/Gamelan)
T 2003 Feb Servlets, stateless session beans, or both? (Kyle Gabhart/IBM)
T 2003 Feb Immutable objects (Brian Goetz/IBM)
B 2003 Feb Performance impact of jvm settings (NetBeans/NetBeans)
N 2003 Feb JSR 203 will add missing NIO components: File system support (better than, asynchronous File I/O, and other missing bits.
N 2003 Feb Solaris Java was slow (re the 2-year old doc), but fine now
B 2003 Feb Load Testing your Applications with Apache JMeter (Keld H. Hansen/javaboutique)
B 2003 Feb Frequently-Updated JTables that Perform Well (Scott Violet & Kathy Walrath/Sun)
N 2003 Feb Pointbase whitepaper on embedded database, considers performance too
N 2003 Feb Borland announces Optimizeit ServerTrace J2EE profiler
T 2003 Feb Choosing A Collections Framework Implementation/Providing a Scalable Image Icon (John Zukowski/Sun)
B 2003 Feb Referencing Enterprise Beans (Mark Johnson/Sun)
N 2003 Feb Swing vs SWT (by Swing advocate). Read the comments too. Upshot seems to be that Swing can be made fast enough and platform compliant enough, but SWT may be the easier option to get it fast enough if your GUI is simple and/or platform is Windows.
T 2003 Feb Create objects in scope (Ashutosh Shinde/DevX)

B 2003 Jan Tuning DB2 SQL Access Paths (Craig S. Mullins/IBM)
B 2003 Jan Chapter 2 - The Bitter Cost (TheServerSide/TheServerSide)
B 2003 Jan The Enhanced Message-Driven Bean (Richard Monson-Haefel/TheServerSide)
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B 2003 Jan Logging chapter (TheServerSide/TheServerSide)
T 2003 Jan Chapter 4 of Expert1on1, Design Techniques and Coding Standards (Rod Johnson/Wrox)
B 2003 Jan Robust Database Design (Particle/Particle)
B 2003 Jan Overcoming resistance to risk management (Payson Hall/STQE Magazine)
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B 2003 Jan GCJ---The GNU Compiler for Java (Weiqi Gao/OCIWeb)
B 2003 Jan MIDP 2.0: The Game API (Mikko Kontio/MicroJava)
B 2003 Jan I/O (karschten/JPTC)
B 2003 Jan Time-based Real-time Animations (Karsten Lentzsch/JGoodies)
T 2003 Jan Disassembling Java Classes (Heinz Kabutz/Kabutz)
T 2003 Jan Kirk's Roundup January 2003 (Kirk Pepperdine/
B 2003 Jan Creating Animation with Java (Rogers Cadenhead/informIT)
B 2003 Jan Creating JDK 1.4 Logging Handlers (Jeff Heaton/informIT)
B 2003 Jan Creating a Thread Pool with Java (Jeff Heaton/informIT)
B 2003 Jan Memory mapped I/O (Richard Baldwin/Gamelan)
B 2003 Jan Chapter 3: MIDP Programming from the book J2ME Application Development (Michael Kroll and Stefan Haustein/Gamelan)
B 2003 Jan Database performance (James F. Koopmann/DatabaseJournal)
B 2003 Jan Souping up your software (Danny Bradbury/ApplicationDeveleopmentAdvisor)
B 2003 Jan Thin Client Framework, Part 2 (Peter C. Bahrs Barry A. Feigenbaum/IBM)
B 2003 Jan Thin Client Framework, Part 1 (Peter C. Bahrs Barry A. Feigenbaum/IBM)
B 2003 Jan CMP (The Middleware Architecture Series) (Sastry Malladi/Oracle)
B 2003 Jan Essential Multitier J2EE Design Patterns (William Crawford/Oracle)
B 2003 Jan Java Coding Practices for Improved Application Performance (Candle/Candle)
T 2003 Jan J2ee best practices (TheMiddlewareCompany/TheServerSide)
T 2003 Jan Optimized web services (Howard D'Souza/WebservicesDevelopersJournal)
T 2003 Jan JVM Shutdown Hooks (Frank Jennings/JavaDevelopersJournal)
T 2003 Jan HttpSession Objects (Brian Russell/JavaDevelopersJournal)
N 2003 Jan Gosling publicises successful large-scale Brazilian Java development (national health-care) online for 12 million people scattered across 44 cities and regions, dealing in huge amounts of data (medical records for all of Brazil's citizens, including radiology images, medical histories, prescriptions etc). The project is intending to publish it's sources in the future
T 2003 Jan Chapter 12 of "Java Performance Tuning", "Distributed computing". (Jack Shirazi/O'Reilly)
T 2003 Jan Servlet Best Practices 2 (Jason Hunter/OnJava)
T 2003 Jan Submillisecond precision from Java (Vladimir Roubtsov/JavaWorld)
T 2003 Jan Stack Trace Decoding (Heinz Kabutz/JavaSpecialists)
T 2003 Jan Concise Guide to WebSphere Capacity Management (Ruth Willenborg Stacy Joines/
T 2003 Jan Web service management (Justin Murray/DevX)
T 2003 Jan Applying Design Issues and Patterns in Web Services (Chris Peltz/DevX)
T 2003 Jan Four Critical Issues for Mobile Apps Developers (Alan Zeichick/DevX)
T 2003 Jan Manage Java apps for premium performance (Peter Bochner/ADTMagazine)
T 2003 Jan Scaling Server Performance (Brian Neal/AcesHardware)
T 2003 Jan XML data binding performance (Dennis M. Sosnoski/IBM)
T 2003 Jan Performance of networked J2ME apps (Michael Abernethy/IBM)
T 2003 Jan floating point and decimal numbers (Brian Goetz/IBM)
T 2003 Jan GC (Sumit Chawla/IBM)
T 2003 Jan Swing perf community chat (Edward Ort/Sun)
T 2003 Jan Preventing Repeated Operations (Mark Johnson/Sun)
T 2003 Jan BEA JMS performance (Peter Zadrozny/BEA)

B 2003 Unk Writing trouble-free Java applications (Dave Kelly/CompuWare)
B 2002 Unk Performance Issues in E-Business Systems (Samuel D. Kounev and Alejandro P. Buchmann/)
B 2003 Unk Java Database Best Practices George Reese O'Reilly
B 2003 Unk Temporary objects?Managing the Java garbage collector for application quality and performance (CompuWare/CompuWare)
B 2003 Unk The Propagate Cache Updates Pattern Kyle Brown IBM

B 2002 Dec Bitter EJB Chapter 11 - Bitter Tunes (Bruce Tate, Patrick Linskey, Mike Clark, Bob Lee/TheServerSide)
N 2002 Dec A review of PerformaSure.
T 2002 Dec J2ME portability (Jeremy Wakefield, Keith Braithwaite & Tony Robinson/JavaDevelopersJournal)
T 2002 Dec Servlet Best Practices 1 (Jason Hunter/OnJava)
T 2002 Dec Intro to MicroJava Game creation (David Fox/OnJava)
T 2002 Dec New IO API (Todd Stewart/OCIWeb)
N 2002 Dec Sun will tweak the class file format to improve efficiency.
N 2002 Dec More proposed language changes. Typesafe enums should be fast, but the others look like being slow (or neutral).
T 2002 Dec Sorting (Alex Blewitt/JavaWorld)
T 2002 Dec J2ME design patterns (Ben Hui/JavaWorld)
T 2002 Dec Kirk's Roundup December 2002 (Kirk Pepperdine/
N 2002 Dec Low level Java vs C# benchmark (Java is much faster).
T 2002 Dec Benchmarking Method Devirtualization and Inlining (Osvaldo Pinali Doederlein/JavaLobby)
T 2002 Dec Caching web services (Brian D. Goodman/IBM)
T 2002 Dec Simulate discrete simultaneous events (David Mertz/IBM)
T 2002 Dec Optimizing EJB validation code (Brett McLaughlin/IBM)
N 2002 Dec Performant releases OptiBench 2.0 J2EE performance monitor
N 2002 Dec Chat on High Performance GUIs with the JFC/Swing API scheduled for Jan 21. 11:00 A.M. PST/7:00 P.M. GMT.
N 2002 Dec "Java startup time is too slow">pressure group.
T 2002 Dec Large-Scale Financial Applications & Service-Oriented Architectures (Anwar Ludin/BEA)

B 2002 Nov Make Object pooling simple (Karthik Rangaraju/JavaPro)
T 2002 Nov J2ME Optimization Tips and Tools (Eric D. Larson/Sun)
B 2002 Nov HTTP Chunking (Eric D. Larson/Sun)
B 2002 Nov What Influences the Performance of Application Servers? (Rohit Valia and Marina Sum/Sun)
T 2002 Nov Java Performance for DB2 Applications (John Campbell/IBM)
T 2002 Nov WebSphere performance testing (Alexandre Polozoff/IBM)
N 2002 Nov Pet Shop: The Middleware Company tries some damage limitation by asking for a rematch.
T 2002 Nov Fast authentication (Larry Ashworth/ZeroPoint)
N 2002 Nov Pet Shop: A roundup of the situation
T 2002 Nov Thread pooling (Vishal Goenka/JDJ)
N 2002 Nov SPEC releases SPECjAppServer2002 benchmark for J2EE 1.3 application servers.
N 2002 Nov Pet Shop: Dion Almaer (a TheServerSide employee, a subsidiary of TMC) complains about an unfair benchmark and lack of disclosure.
N 2002 Nov Pet Shop: The Middleware Company tries some damage limitation by asking for a rematch.
N 2002 Nov Pet Shop: The Middleware Company tries some damage limitation by asking for a rematch.
T 2002 Nov Statistical analysis to help identify performance bottlenecks (ProactiveNet/ebizQ)
T 2002 Nov Handling unexpected thread death (Roy M. Pueschel/JavaWorld)
T 2002 Nov CPU usage monitoring (Vladimir Roubtsov /JavaWorld)
T 2002 Nov Does nulling variables help garbage collection (Jack Shirazi/Kabutz)
T 2002 Nov Make Object Pooling Simple (Karthik Rangaraju/JavaPro)
B 2002 Nov Algorithm efficiency (Daniel F. Savarese/)
N 2002 Nov Pet Shop: Critique showing the .NET Pet Shop implementation is incompetent (i.e. they cut every corner they could).
T 2002 Nov Implementing High Availability for WebSphere Application Servers (John Lamb, Michael Laskey/
T 2002 Nov Building a lightweight XML parser (Guang Yang/DevX)
T 2002 Nov Safe data writing with memory mapped files (Greg Travis/DevX)
T 2002 Nov User Interface Design (Mauro Marinilli/
T 2002 Nov Performance and Scalability of EJB Applications (Emmanuel Cecchet, Julie Marguerite, Willy Zwaenepoel/OOPSLA)
N 2002 Nov Rice University has updated their EJB performance and scalability document
N 2002 Nov Pet Shop: The Middleware Company's link page on the benchmark
T 2002 Nov The util.concurrent package (Brian Goetz/IBM)
T 2002 Nov Speeding JVM startup (?/IBM)
T 2002 Nov Tuning 1.4.1 heap and GC (Nagendra Nagarajayya and J. Steven Mayer/Sun)
T 2002 Nov Comparing The Performance of J2EE Servers (Christopher L Merrill/Web Performance Inc)
T 2002 Nov Application server performance (Rohit Valia and Marina Sum/Sun)
N 2002 Nov Pet Shop: Rickard Öberg's thorough analysis of the benchmark (showing it is seriously flawed).
T 2002 Nov 1.4 HotSpot GC (Alka Gupta and Michael Doyle/Sun)
T 2002 Nov Socket connection timeouts (John Zukowski/Sun)
T 2002 Nov HashSet, LinkedHashSet, and TreeSet (Glen McCluskey/Sun)
T 2002 Nov Capacity Planning (Arunabh Hazarika and Srikant Subramaniam/BEA)
T 2002 Nov Multiple layers of dynamic proxies (crazybob/
T 2002 Nov Long-running tasks (Serguei Eremenko/

B 2002 Oct New EJB 2.1 stuff (Tarak Modi/JavaPro)
B 2002 Oct How Hot is HotSpot? (Daniel F. Savarese/JavaPro)
B 2002 Oct Object memory sizing (Vladimir Roubtsov/JavaWorld)
T 2002 Oct The Timer service (Richard Monson-Haefel/TheServerSide)
N 2002 Oct Pramati posts SPECjAppServer2001 benchmarks
T 2002 Oct WebSphere performance tips (Arvind Shukla/)
T 2002 Oct Session persistence performance (Saurabh Dixit & Srikant Subramaniam/WeblogicDevelopersJournal)
T 2002 Oct Scaling J2EE (Mikhail Skorik/JavaDevelopersJournal)
T 2002 Oct Clustering J2EE (Ashok Banerjee, Ganesh Kondal & Sunil Kunisetty/JavaDevelopersJournal)
N 2002 Oct Alan Williamson discusses AWT and Swing performance shortcomings, and available alternatives
N 2002 Oct JRockit JVM focuses on performance
T 2002 Oct NIO (Ron Hitchens/OnJava)
N 2002 Oct Altaworks talks about the need for intelligent performance analysis of J2EE systems
T 2002 Oct J2ME benchmarking (Wang Yi, C.J. Reddy, and Gavin Ang/JavaWorld)
N 2002 Oct Isocra announces the release of Livestore, a transparent JDBC data cache
T 2002 Oct Chapter 3, "Popular Unix Performance-Monitoring Tools for Linux">from "Linux Performance Tuning and Capacity Planning"> (Jason Fink/InformIT)
N 2002 Oct GemStone GemFire real-time shared-memory cache version 1.0 released
N 2002 Oct GemStone CMP Accelerator now works on JBoss
T 2002 Oct Profiling and performance analysis (Peter Varhol/Java Pro)
T 2002 Oct The effect of Slow download speeds (Steve Sampsell/EurekaAlert)
T 2002 Oct Nybbles of Development Wisdom (Terence Parr/?)
T 2002 Oct Designing Distributed Systems (Bill Venners/
T 2002 Oct The final keyword (Brian Goetz/IBM)
T 2002 Oct Compile time assists for JITs (Vivek Haldar/Sun)
T 2002 Oct HTTP sessions vs. stateful EJB (Peter Zadrozny/BEA)
T 2002 Oct WebLogic Server Performance Tuning (Arunabh Hazarika & Srikant Subramaniam/BEA)
N 2002 Oct Joakim Dahlstedt, one of the originators of the JRockit JVM, discusses Java's performance advantages
N 2002 Oct Intel licenses Precise's Indepth J2EE monitor for Intel's VTune enterprise analyzer

B 2002 Sep HotSpot performance (Daniel Savarese/JavaPro)
B 2002 Sep The Java HotSpot Virtual Machine, v1.4.1 (Sun/Sun)
N 2002 Sep Urbancode's EJB Benchmark has been updated.
N 2002 Sep IBM SPECjAppServer2001 benchmark and discussion
T 2002 Sep Monitoring web services (Gunjan Samtani & Dimple Sadhwani/Web Services Journal)
N 2002 Sep SPECjAppServer2001, replaces ECperf for J2EE 1.2 (EJB 1.1). SPECjAppServer2002 will benchmark J2EE 1.3.
T 2002 Sep JDBC drivers (Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols/SDTimes)
N 2002 Sep The latest roundup of the pet store battles, and what is a useful benchmark.
T 2002 Sep Non-blocking sockets (Giuseppe Naccarato/OnJava)
T 2002 Sep Web server monitoring (
T 2002 Sep Optimization (Martin Fowler/
N 2002 Sep BEA claims latest Rockit 7.0 JVM is fastest JVM.
T 2002 Sep Example of developing CMP 2.0 Entity Beans (Pravin Tulachan/InformIT)
N 2002 Sep JProfiler new version (release 2.1)
T 2002 Sep JDBC drivers (Heinz Kabutz/DevX)
T 2002 Sep JDBC tuning (Robert Brunner/DevX)
T 2002 Sep Yet another "use StringBuffer not String concatenation">tip (Ramneek Handa/DevX)
T 2002 Sep EJBs or plain Servlets? (Michael Bardash, Gerhard Bayer, Max Dolgicer/ATDmag)
N 2002 Sep Steve Souza will be making his JAMon monitor open source shortly.
N 2002 Sep I've added a site map page to the site.
T 2002 Sep Benchmarking XML parsing (Cameron Laird/IBM)
T 2002 Sep IBM GC 3 (Sam Borman/IBM)
T 2002 Sep Changing icon look with composition (Joe Winchester, Renee Schwartz/IBM)
T 2002 Sep Managing thread death (Brian Goetz/IBM)
T 2002 Sep Opimizing I/O (Merlin Hughes/IBM)
T 2002 Sep Industrial-strength JNDI optimization (Brett McLaughlin/IBM)
T 2002 Sep Swing multi-threading (Guruprasad H.N./IBM)
T 2002 Sep equals() versus == (Sreekanth Iyer/IBM)
T 2002 Sep FileChannel objects background information (Richard Baldwin/Earthweb)
T 2002 Sep Creating a JDBC Log Handler (Jeff Heaton/Earthweb)
T 2002 Sep Processing Stack Trace Data (Richard G. Baldwin/Earthweb)
T 2002 Sep Stylesheet execution optimization TRaX (Jeff Ryan/Earthweb)
N 2002 Sep Why Intel think their platforms are the best to run Java on.
T 2002 Sep Smooth animation/sprite engine requirements (Chris Preimesberger/DevX)
T 2002 Sep JDBC tips (William Crawford/Oracle)
T 2002 Sep 1.4.1 Changes (Sun/Sun)
T 2002 Sep New 1.4 network features (Qusay H. Mahmoud/Sun)
T 2002 Sep Row level locking (Nicholas Whitehead/ITtoolbox)
N 2002 Sep ProactiveNet supports Sun ONEwith its performance monitoring tools
T 2002 Sep Sun community chat on NIO (Edward Ort/Sun)
T 2002 Sep File Locking (John Zukowski/Sun)
T 2002 Sep ArrayList/LinkedList/HashMap performance (Glen McCluskey/Sun)
T 2002 Sep Buffered Iterator (Ryan Brase/

B 2002 Aug Performance Tuning in Java (Dov Kruger/Java Devlopers Journal)
B 2002 Aug (EAServer) Performance Tuning Techniques (?/Sybase)
B 2002 Aug Animation techniques (David Kushner/IEEE Spectrum)
B 2002 Aug Performance tuning methodology (Greg Holling/JavaWorld)
B 2002 Aug Threads basics 3 (Jeff Friesen/JavaWorld)
B 2002 Aug The evolution of HashMap's hash function (Heinz Kabutz/Kabutz)
B 2002 Aug Animation basics (Phillip Kerman/informIT)
B 2002 Aug Local vs Remote EJB (Rudy Dahbura/JavaPro)
B 2002 Aug JDBC driver performance (Robert Brunner/DevX)
B 2002 Aug XML performance (Eugene Kuznetsov/ebiz)
B 2002 Aug NIO vs IO speed (Rama Roberts/Sun)
B 2002 Aug Maintaining a Priority Queue (John Zukowski/Sun)
B 2002 Aug Choosing EJB (Mark Johnson/Sun)
B 2002 Aug Server deadlock detection and avoidance (Rob Woollen/BEA)
B 2002 Aug J2ME considerations (AVIDWireless/AVIDWireless)
T 2002 Aug WebSphere HTTP session best practices (David Draeger/IBM)
T 2002 Aug EJB primary keys (Saad Rehmani/Java Developers Journal)
N 2002 Aug And more reporting on the same USENIX JVM symposium
N 2002 Aug Report on possible future JVM enhancements (better resource management).
N 2002 Aug New tips category page for user perception performance tips
N 2002 Aug New tips category page for J2ME tuning tips
N 2002 Aug New tips category page for Servlet and JSP tuning tips
N 2002 Aug New tips category page for application server tuning tips
N 2002 Aug Expected performance improvements for future J3D versions.
T 2002 Aug J2EE Enterprise Bean Basics (Dale Green, Kim Haase, Eric Jendrock, Stephanie Bodoff, Monica Pawlan, Beth Stearns/informIT)
N 2002 Aug GemStone Facets 2.0 shared transactional Java workspace released
T 2002 Aug Choosing a JDBC driver (DataDirect/DevX)
T 2002 Aug Choosing a JDBC driver (Barrie Sosinsky/DevX)
T 2002 Aug WebSphere performance tuning (Gennaro (Jerry) Cuomo Srini Rangaswamy/IBM)
T 2002 Aug IBM GC 2 (Sam Borman/IBM)
T 2002 Aug IBM GC 1 (Sam Borman/IBM)

B 2002 Jul Server deadlock detection and avoidance (Hugh Madden/TheServerSide)
B 2002 Jul Tune Your Servlet Container (Karl Moss/Osborne,McGraw-Hill)
T 2002 Jul Java 3D (Dan Pilone/JDJ)
B 2002 Jul JVMPI (J. Rhett Aultman/JDJ)
B 2002 Jul Clustering (with Tomcat) (Shyam Kumar Doddavula/OnJava)
B 2002 Jul NetBeans performance tuning (NetBeans/NetBeans)
B 2002 Jul Threads basics 4 (Jeff Friesen/JavaWorld)
B 2002 Jul J2ME performance (Rick Grehan/Java Pro)
B 2002 Jul Chapter 3 of "J2EE Design Patterns Applied" (Craig Berry, John Carnell, Matjaz Juric, Meeraj Kunnumpurath, Nadia Nashi, Sasha Romanosky/Wrox)
B 2002 Jul XML performance (Cameron Laird/IBM)
B 2002 Jul Progress indicator design (Paul McInerney, Jin Li/IBM)
B 2002 Jul Thread pools and work queues (Brian Goetz/IBM)
B 2002 Jul Tips for Boosting Java Performance for Web Services (DevNews/DevNews)
N 2002 Jul Nine new ECperf results from Sybase, Oracle, BEA, IBM and Sun.
N 2002 Jul Oracle ECperf benchmark tops performance table.
T 2002 Jul Precompiling JSPs (Steve Mueller, Scot Weber)
T 2002 Jul HTTP sessions vs. stateful EJB (Peter Zadrozny)
T 2002 Jul Emulating another system (a ZX Spectrum) (Razvan Surdulescu)
T 2002 Jul The smallest "Hello World"> (Norman Richards)
N 2002 Jul Benchmark results comparing Java XML processors.
B 2002 Jul JDBC Transaction Optimization (Jack Shirazi/Oracle Developer)
T 2002 Jul High load web servlets (Pier Fumagalli)
T 2002 Jul Clustering with JBoss (Bill Burke, Sacha Labourey)
N 2002 Jul Discussion about XML accelerators.
T 2002 Jul The Verified Service Locator pattern (Paulo Caroli/JavaWorld)
B 2002 Jul J2EE design patterns (Walter Hurst/Javaworld)
B 2002 Jul A quick-and-dirty XML parser (Steven Brandt/JavaWorld)
T 2002 Jul Application performance tuning (Baya Pavliashvili and Kevin Kline)
N 2002 Jul JVM tuning for CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V2.2.
N 2002 Jul Report on Project Monty, hotspot enabled embedded JVM.
T 2002 Jul The Necessity of Performance Profiling (Peter Varhol/JavaPro)
N 2002 Jul Measuring embedded processor utilization. Not Java, but generic.
N 2002 Jul New tips category page for NIO performance tips.
N 2002 Jul New tips subcategory page for profiling JDBC.
N 2002 Jul New tips subcategory page for JDBC batching performance tips.
B 2002 Jul Garbag collection tuning (Nagendra Nagarajayya,J. Steven Mayer/Wireless Developer)
N 2002 Jul Benchmark comparison of various SAX parsers.
T 2002 Jul Speeding web page downloads using compression (Steven Chau/
N 2002 Jul Mercury Interactive launches ProTune, a product that automatically finds performance problems.
N 2002 Jul ProActive Net anounces new version of J2EE application server monitor.
N 2002 Jul HSQLDB 1.7 released (in-memory 100% Java relational database).
T 2002 Jul LinkedHashMap and RandomAccess (Glen McCluskey)
N 2002 Jul HP Superdome Server sets world-record performance for Java SPECjbb2000 benchmark.

B 2002 Jun J2ME performance (Jonathan Knudsen/Sun)
B 2002 Jun Java Performance Assurance Guide (Borland Staff/Borland)
N 2002 Jun Getting Started with WebSphere Performance Benchmark Sample on Windows 2000.
N 2002 Jun New BEA ECperf results aimed at performance rather than cost.
N 2002 Jun Stress-free Java (because I love my profiler).
B 2002 Jun Trove fast collections (Dion Almaer/OnJava)
B 2002 Jun Scaling Your Messaging Infrastructure (Sriram Chakravarthy,Hemen Godbole/MessageMQ)
N 2002 Jun JSR 77 (J2EE Management Specificcation) includes support for performance monitoring.
T 2002 Jun Designing and Implementing J2EE Clients (Mark Johnson, Inderjeet Singh, Beth Stearns/informIT)
T 2002 Jun Efficient MIDP Programming (Forum Nokia/Nokia)
B 2002 Jun Java optimization (Erwin Vervaet,Maarten De Cock/IBM)
B 2002 Jun Reducing garbage collection frequency (Iain Lewis/IBM)
T 2002 Jun MIDP memory tuning (Jonathan Knudsen)
N 2002 Jun Numeric computation in Java, including some performance analysis.
B 2002 Jun Optimizing (Chris Preimesberger/DevX)
N 2002 Jun Report on Intel's VTune Analyzer.
T 2002 Jun Optimizing padded string display (Gervase Gallant)
T 2002 Jun Common issues affecting Web performance (Drew Robb)
B 2002 Jun CharSequence and Buffers (Glen McCluskey/Sun)
B 2002 Jun Handling large files (Serguei Eremenko/

B 2002 May Implementing a Data Cache (Billy Newport/TheServerSide)
T 2002 May Improving J2EE performance (Scott Marlow)
T 2002 May Scalable recoverable applications (Billy Newport)
N 2002 May Pramati ECperf benchmark results
B 2002 May JDBC 3.0 (John Goodson/JavaDevelopersJournal)
B 2002 May NIO (Hendrik Schreiber/JavaDevelopersJournal)
B 2002 May Enterprise Caching Solutions (SpiritSoft/MessageMQ)
T 2002 Mar Ch6 of Bitter Java, Bitter memories (Bruce Tate/Manning)
T 2002 Mar Ch1 of Bitter Java, Bitter tales (Bruce Tate/Manning)
B 2002 May Reducing JDBC overheads (Ryan Daigle/Javaworld)
B 2002 May Guidelines for transaction demarcation and isolation (Brian Goetz/IBM)
B 2002 May Double-checked locking (Peter Haggar/IBM)
B 2002 May Clustering WebSphere (Rohit Sahasrabudhe,Balu Ramachandran/IBM)
B 2002 May Wireless Software Design (Qusay H. Mahmoud,Nicholas Lorain/Wireless Developer)
N 2002 May Latest IBM ECperf result, running on Linux.
N 2002 May Report on JUnit components for GUI testing and web testing. Useful for automated load testing.
N 2002 May Report on Intel VTune performance analyzer
N 2002 May JSR 184 for a mobile 3D graphics API
N 2002 May The Swing's team choice Swing-based apps. Probably worth a look, as I assume some of these are fast.
N 2002 May IBM to publish a Redbook on accelerating application aerver performance with Versant enJin
N 2002 May IBM posts record SPECjbb2000 server-side Java benchmark, an eight-way IBM eServer p660.
N 2002 May IBM ECperf benchmark on Linux
N 2002 May Vulcan Java co-processor.
T 2002 May Sun Community chat on Java BluePrints (Edward Ort/Sun Developer)
B 2002 May Swing Timers (John Zukowski/Sun)
T 2002 May File Channels, StackTraceElements, (Glen McCluskey)
B 2002 May BMP or CMP? (Tyler Jewell/BEA)
B 2002 May Caching design (Sam Pullara/BEA)
T 2002 May Website usability metrics (Sharon Gaudin)
B 2002 May Metrics to collect (Kevin Brown/
N 2002 May Choosing a Java application server: Price and performance
N 2002 May Pixo Mobile Download System for fast downloading of Java apps.

B 2002 Apr Guarantee your Web service with an SLA (Judith M. Myerson/IBM)
T 2002 Apr High performance inserts with DB2 and JDBC (Krishnakumar Pooloth)
B 2002 Apr Websphere clustering scalability study
B 2002 Apr Websphere scalability study
B 2002 Apr Scalability of the Schwab app
B 2002 Apr Clustering technologies in Tomcat
N 2002 Apr Performance tuning the PetStore (request for discussion)
N 2002 Apr The resulting discussion on performance tuning the PetStore
T 2002 Apr JDBC optimizing for DB2 (John Goodson)
T 2002 Apr Why CMP is better than BMP (Tyler Jewell)
T 2002 Apr Mobile & wireless devices (James White)
T 2002 Apr Combining apps in one JVM (Kirk Pepperdine)
N 2002 Apr The state of Java Gaming. Interesting in showing what Java can do fast enough.
N 2002 Apr Review of Didier Besset's Object-Oriented Implementation of Numerical Methods, which includes fast Java implemntations of many numerical methods.
N 2002 Apr Pramati announce ECperf benchmark results
B 2002 Apr CMP to BMP pattern
T 2002 Apr J2EE worst practices (Brett McLaughlin)
T 2002 Apr Optimizing Searches via Rare Events (ANDREA MONTANARI & RICCARDO ZECCHINA)
N 2002 Apr JRockit JVM available now for free.
N 2002 Apr Newly categorized JavaPerformanceTuning page with JDBC transaction performance tips
N 2002 Apr Newly categorized JavaPerformanceTuning page with RMI performance tips
N 2002 Apr Newly categorized JavaPerformanceTuning page with all J2EE performance tips
N 2002 Apr BEA and IBM try one-upmanship on each other over their ECperf benchmarks
N 2002 Apr BEA announce new ECperf benchmark results
T 2002 Apr Java transaction management (JTS) (Brian Goetz)
T 2002 Apr J2ME game building (Dale Crowley)
N 2002 Apr Oracle PetStore vs .net benchmark
N 2002 Apr Sun's Monty technology, HotSpot for J2ME
N 2002 Apr The wireless game profile group formed. Performance is a priority focus.
N 2002 Apr Report about GemStone's patent for high-performance concurrent queues
N 2002 Apr Sitraka and Mercury create a joint something, JMonitor, to load and monitor Java apps. It's not listed as a product on either website, so I guess this is spin.
T 2002 Apr Sun community chat on High Performance GUIs with the JFC/Swing, with Steve Wilson, Scott Violet, and Chet Haase (Edward Ort)
N 2002 Apr Sun community chat about 1.4. Bits and bobs about performance, no tips.
T 2002 Apr Assertions (Glen McCluskey)
N 2002 Apr HyPerformix Introduces Optimizer Model

B 2002 Mar Is Java Fast Enough (James W. Cooper/JavaPro)
B 2002 Mar Caching Data for Scalability Without Losing Data Integrity (Jeff Voom/ATG)
N 2002 Mar Report on Java in telematics, focusing on performance in embedded Java.
N 2002 Mar Tower Technology, the vendor of TowerJ shuts up shop.
N 2002 Mar Benchmarking Tomcat
N 2002 Mar Interview and discussion on transactional messaging, including performance tradeoffs
N 2002 Mar BEA Weblogic on HP pulls ahead in ECperf benchmarks.
N 2002 Mar JProbe selected by TransUnion because of it's visualization capabilities
N 2002 Mar More grist for the Swing vs SWT mill
N 2002 Mar Precise releases version 2.0 of its J2EE monitor, with SmarTune automatic analysis tool.
N 2002 Mar Wily release version 3.0 of its Introscope J2EE monitor
N 2002 Mar Jacob Marner updates his evaluation of java for game development
T 2002 Mar MIDP GUI programming (Qusay Mahmoud)
T 2002 Mar Microtuning (Jack Shirazi)
T 2002 Mar Object Resource Pooling (Paul King)
N 2002 Mar Frank Karlstrøm took the Vervaet and De Cock's article on optimizing an application, and went still further.
T 2002 Mar Monitoring Networked Applications (Russ Currie)
N 2002 Mar New version release of JDBInsight
T 2002 Mar JMS redelivery (Prakash Malani)
T 2002 Mar Caching SOAP services (Ozakil Azim and Araf Karsh Hamid)
N 2002 Mar A small change in StringBuffer code in 1.4.1 seriously affects memory requirements for some types of usage, notably current XML parsers
N 2002 Mar Sun fixes JFileChooser speed problem
N 2002 Mar BEA claims new version 8.0 of JRockit is fastest JVM
N 2002 Mar Review of the main functionality available with java.nio
T 2002 Mar Alternatives to using 'new'. (Jonathan Amsterdam)
N 2002 Mar Australian R&D center CSIRO re-evaluates Java application servers. Covers IBM, Fujitsu, SilverStream, BEA, Borland and JBoss
N 2002 Mar JVM server performance comparison between JRockit 8.0 and Sun HotSpot 1.4.1. JRockit wins.
N 2002 Mar Java version of ICompress, embedded image compression software, is available.
T 2002 Mar Java Transaction Service (Brian Goetz)
T 2002 Mar Finalizers (Phil Vickers)
T 2002 Mar Using NIO (Aruna Kalagnanam and Balu G.)
N 2002 Mar Then IBM WebSphere plays leapfrog and does even better (on ECperf).
T 2002 Mar JDBC Drivers (Barrie Sosinsky)
T 2002 Mar Some (Intel chip) optimization myths debunked. (George Walsh)
T 2002 Mar Accelerating GUI apps (after 1.4) (Dana Nourie)
N 2002 Mar Precise tunes Lunn Poly. Some examples of problems tuned away.
N 2002 Mar eXcelon Javlin J2EE data cache manager runs with Weblogic to make apps run faster.
B 2002 Mar XML performance tips
N 2002 Mar Report comparing the performance of various Java XML technologies.
N 2002 Mar Advanced imaging early access. "Enables developers to easily incorporate high-performance, network-enabled, scalable, platform-independent image processing into Java technology".
T 2002 Mar Sun community chat on EJBs with Pravin Tulachan (Edward Ort)
T 2002 Mar String concatenation, and IO performance. (Glen McCluskey)
T 2002 Mar MIDP tips (Eric Giguere)
T 2002 Mar Performance tuning with OptimizeIt (Jay Campan & Eric Muller/Borland)

B 2002 Feb Unravel the complexity of thread programming (Karthik Rangaraju/JavaPro)
B 2002 Feb The Consumer class can simplify implementation of the producer- consumer behavior (Joseph Hartal Ze'ev Bubis /)
N 2002 Feb Debate about how slow are web services? The results of the debate are also reflected below in a couple of this months tips
N 2002 Feb The options available to boost Java performance on portable systems (below the level of the Java code)
T 2002 Feb Proxy code generation (Paul McLachlan)
T 2002 Feb Generating code dynamically (Norman Richards)
T 2002 Feb JMS & JCACHE (Steve Ross-Talbot)
T 2002 Feb Inverting booleans (Heinz M. Kabutz)
N 2002 Feb Quest announces version 2.0 of PerformaSure J2EE performance monitor
T 2002 Feb Stateful to Stateless Bean (Brett McLaughlin)
T 2002 Feb Atomic File Transactions, Part 2 (Jonathan Amsterdam)
N 2002 Feb The debate about Java data Objects (JDO), with performance considerations
T 2002 Feb Object recycling part 2 (Angus Muir and Roman Bialach)
T 2002 Feb Porting to KVM (Shiuh-Lin Lee)
N 2002 Feb JMS performance testing results
T 2002 Feb The Proxy design pattern. (David Geary)
N 2002 Feb Tangosol Coherence™ a high-performance clustered cache solution developed in pure Java to maintain a true coherent cache across any number of JVMs or a cluster of Java application servers
N 2002 Feb The 2-year old doc that suggested Sun had better things to do than waste time making Java run fast on Solaris
T 2002 Feb J2EE best practices. (Chris Peltz)
N 2002 Feb GemStone announces new GemFire Suite, optimizes data tranfer across enterprise applications
T 2002 Feb NIO (Daniel F. Savarese)
T 2002 Feb Tuning JVMs for servers. (Timothy Dyck)
T 2002 Feb Database comparison (Timothy Dyck)
T 2002 Feb JMS vs RMI (Kevin Jones)
N 2002 Feb Interview about Symbian. Some discussion about peformance. "the biggest mistake a developer can make is assuming that Java on a mobile phone is just like Java on the desktop"
N 2002 Feb Newly categorized Java performance tuning page giving tips on using volatile
N 2002 Feb Newly categorized Java performance tuning page giving tips about load balancing
N 2002 Feb Newly categorized Java performance tuning page giving tips about JDBC connection pools
N 2002 Feb Not Java, but OS-level Windows and Linux view of socket performance. Interesting
T 2002 Feb Double-if on multi-CPU (Phil Vickers)
N 2002 Feb Why better performance might make you move from web server to application server
N 2002 Feb Solaris Java was slow (re the 2-year old doc), but fine now
N 2002 Feb JSR 203 will add missing NIO components: File system support (better than, asynchronous File I/O, and other missing bits.
T 2002 Feb High performance graphics (?)
N 2002 Feb What Sun believes are the major performance improvements delivered with 1.4.
N 2002 Feb Borland announces Optimizeit ServerTrace J2EE profiler
N 2002 Feb Pointbase whitepaper on embedded database, considers performance too
T 2002 Feb Compression in Java (Qusay H. Mahmoud and Konstantin Kladko)
T 2002 Feb Minimizing bytecode size for J2ME (Eric Giguere)
T 2002 Feb EJB Clustering (Tyler Jewell)
T 2002 Feb GC performance tuning (Alka Gupta and Michael Doyle)
N 2002 Feb Swing vs SWT (by Swing advocate). Read the comments too. Upshot seems to be that Swing can be made fast enough and platform compliant enough, but SWT may be the easier option to get it fast enough if your GUI is simple and/or platform is Windows.
N 2002 Feb Sun Fire is currently the fastest hardware for Java. On some carefully selected benchmark

B 2002 Jan High Availability J2EE (Damian Guy, Allan Packer, Tom Daly/Sun)
N 2002 Jan JavaParty, framework for moving a multithreaded application into multiple address space distributed environment. Includes optimized replacement for serialization (usable separately).
T 2002 Jan Webservices SOAP communications overheads (Leigh Dodds)
N 2002 Jan An EJB design benchmark to optimize EJBs in different scenarios.
T 2002 Jan Benchmarking (Glenn Coates & Carl Barratt)
N 2002 Jan The state of hardware acelerators for embedded devices.
T 2002 Jan EJB design (Boris Lublinsky)
N 2002 Jan Gosling publicises successful large-scale Brazilian Java development (national health-care) online for 12 million people scattered across 44 cities and regions, dealing in huge amounts of data (medical records for all of Brazil's citizens, including radiology images, medical histories, prescriptions etc). The project is intending to publish it's sources in the future
T 2002 Jan Data expiration in caches (William Grosso)
T 2002 Jan J2EE Design Patterns for the presentation tier (Sue Spielman)
T 2002 Jan Multicasting efficiency (Paul Timberlake)
N 2002 Jan Doug Lea proposes adding a java.util.concurrent package for common threading primitives such as: Atomic variables; Special-purpose locks, barriers, semaphores and condition variables; Queues and related collections designed for multithreaded use; Thread pools and custom execution frameworks. Three existing proprietary implementations are referenced.
T 2002 Jan Wrapping PreparedStatement (Bob Byron and Troy Thompson)
T 2002 Jan Hotspot garbage collection in detail (Ken Gottry)
T 2002 Jan Reference objects (Jeff Friesen)
T 2002 Jan Typesafe Enumeration gotchas (Vladimir Roubtsov)
T 2002 Jan Notated keys to access elements of nested Maps. (Matt Liotta)
T 2002 Jan Choosing an application server (Sue Spielman)
T 2002 Jan Monitoring Performance with WebSphere (Ruth Willenborg/
T 2002 Jan Optimizing Java for intensive numeric calculations (James W. Cooper)
T 2002 Jan Thread programming (Karthik Rangaraju)
T 2002 Jan Servlet 2.3 events (Budi Kurniawan)
N 2002 Jan Interesting look at the options for speeding embedded Java.
N 2002 Jan Newly categorized Java performance tuning page giving Design patterns
N 2002 Jan Newly categorized Java performance tuning page giving JDBC design tips
N 2002 Jan Newly categorized Java performance tuning page giving all analysis & design tips
N 2002 Jan IBM announces ECperf results for WebSphere.
T 2002 Jan Quality of service for web services (Anbazhagan Mani, Arun Nagarajan)
T 2002 Jan Natively compiled code from Java source (Martyn Honeyford)
T 2002 Jan Object management (Mark Bluemel)
T 2002 Jan Using JNI Get* calls (Mark Bluemel)
T 2002 Jan The Garbage Collector (Phil Vickers)
T 2002 Jan JViewport scrolling performance (Heather Brailsford)
T 2002 Jan OS Signal handling in Java (Chris White)
T 2002 Jan Multithreading and read-write locks, part 2 (Nasir Khan)
T 2002 Jan Multithreading and read-write locks (Nasir Khan)
T 2002 Jan Email summarizing best practices for Promoting Scalable Web Services (Roger L. Costello)
N 2002 Jan The latest 1.4 Java SDK pre-release is available.
N 2002 Jan A Performance Evaluation of EJB with CORBA.
T 2002 Jan Design Patterns (Vijay Ramachandran)
N 2002 Jan Borland acquires VMGear (producer of OptimizeIt!) for $8 million. Will try to sell OptimizeIt! with JBuilder.

T 2001 Unk Design patterns catalog (?)
T 2001 Unk Appendix A (Garbage Collection) of "Java Platform Performance: Strategies and Tactics."> (Steve Wilson, Jeff Kesselman)

B 2001 Dec Optimistic locking in WebSphere
T 2001 Dec Counting object creation (Heinz M. Kabutz)
T 2001 Dec Chapter 19, "Performance">of Java Programming with Oracle JDBC (Donald Bales)
N 2001 Dec Oracle sadly can't work out how to implement ECperf, so uses the petstore demo for yet another flawed benchmark comparison.
T 2001 Dec Oracle JDBC tips (Donald Bales)
T 2001 Dec EJBs are wonderful (Tyler Jewell)
T 2001 Dec JMS & CORBA (Steve Trythall)
T 2001 Dec Measuring JDBC performance (Jack Shirazi)
N 2001 Dec Analysis of Microsoft's .NET petstore implementation showing just how flawed it is as a benchmark comparison.
N 2001 Dec New version of Appeal Virtual Machines JRockit JVM with concurrent GC.
T 2001 Dec JyLog logger (Sanjay Dahiya)
T 2001 Dec Article about garbage collection and finalization. (Jeff Friesen)
T 2001 Dec The hprof profiler (Bill Pierce)
T 2001 Dec Data compression (Tony Sintes)
T 2001 Dec RMI arguments (Scott Oaks)
N 2001 Dec shareware Java profiler (JVMPI based) is available here.
T 2001 Dec How to Climb a B-tree (Rick Grehan)
T 2001 Dec Database performance (Peter Varhol)
T 2001 Dec EJB performance tips (Krishna Kothapalli and Raghava Kothapalli)
T 2001 Dec Creating Web-based, interactive graphics. (Steve Lloyd)
T 2001 Dec Balancing Network Load with Priority Queues (Frank Fabian)
N 2001 Dec Sebastien Ritter has updated his "Make Java - Performance">document (document and website in German language).
T 2001 Dec Report of how Ace's Hardware made their SPECmine tool blazingly fast (Chris Rijk)
N 2001 Dec The tips pages have started being categorized to provide more targeted information to you
N 2001 Dec Interview with Robert Berry about JVM performance.
N 2001 Dec ILOG announce a new release of their high-performance user display beans.
N 2001 Dec New version (1.3) of the Java petstore. Includes using local interfaces to improve performance.
T 2001 Dec The java.nio packages (updated) (John Zukowski)
T 2001 Dec Performance optimizing design patterns for J2EE (Vijay Ramachandran)
N 2001 Dec Sun community chat session giving an update on aspects of JDBC 3.0.
N 2001 Dec New faster version of TimesTen in-memory database.

B 2001 Nov WebSphere performance analysis (?/IBM)
N 2001 Nov Benchmark tailored to show off Versant's Enjin ODBMS running in an app server.
N 2001 Nov Why ECperf is the benchmark you should be using (not a randomly chosen tutorial).
N 2001 Nov Brilliant marketing ploy by Microsoft: take a badly performing Java tutorial application, and reimplement it to run as fast as possible in .NET. There's a lesson here: make sure you performance tune anything users will see, even tutorials.
N 2001 Nov Latest comparison of C++ vs Java speed. Shows that performance tuned Java code runs at a similar speed to C++.
T 2001 Nov Servlet performance tips (Ravi Kalidindi and Rohini Datla)
T 2001 Nov Pattern performance tips (Ravi Kalidindi and Rohini Datla)
T 2001 Nov JSP performance tips (Ravi Kalidindi and Rohini Datla)
T 2001 Nov JMS performance tips (Ravi Kalidindi and Rohini Datla)
T 2001 Nov JDBC performance tips (Ravi Kalidindi and Rohini Datla)
T 2001 Nov EJB performance tips (Ravi Kalidindi and Rohini Datla)
T 2001 Nov Chapter 10, "Serialization">from "Java RMI"> (William Grosso)
T 2001 Nov Atomic File Transactions. (Jonathan Amsterdam)
T 2001 Nov Double-checked locking revisited. (Brian Goetz)
T 2001 Nov Converting booleans to strings. (Tony Sintes)
T 2001 Nov Scaling SOAP-based web services. (Frank Cohen)
T 2001 Nov Advanced JDBC tutorial (requires free registration). (Robert J. Brunner)
T 2001 Nov JDBC tutorial (requires free registration) (Robert J. Brunner)
N 2001 Nov The Trove project, an open source free fast implementation for Java collections and additional collection classes.
N 2001 Nov Borland releases ECperf benchmark results for their AppServer 4.5.1.
T 2001 Nov Sun community chat on iPlanet (Edward Ort)
N 2001 Nov Hardware acceleration for embedded Java.
N 2001 Nov Plug-in cache for URLs, aimed at DTDs but fully configirable to cache any URLs.

T 2001 Oct J2EE Performance tuning (James McGovern)
T 2001 Oct Javabean component architecture (David Hardin and Mike Frerking)
T 2001 Oct The facade pattern for internationalization (David Gallardo)
T 2001 Oct Local entity beans (Alex Pestrikov)
T 2001 Oct Caching RMI stubs. (William Grosso)
T 2001 Oct The RandomAccess interface. (Jack Shirazi)
T 2001 Oct Command objects for RMI. (William Grosso)
T 2001 Oct Avoiding synchronization deadlocks (Brain Goetz)
T 2001 Oct ThreadLocal (Brian Goetz/IBM)
T 2001 Oct Overview of common application servers (announced at I've extracted the performance related features (Pieter Van Gorp )
N 2001 Oct Jetty 3.1.0 (Java implementation, open Source HTTP Servlet Server) optimizes performance.
T 2001 Oct Website performance. (Gordon Benett)
T 2001 Oct Microsoft discussion about csharp garbage collection (the Java clone unsurprisingly has similar issues) (Brian Harry)
T 2001 Oct The java.nio packages (John Zukowski)
T 2001 Oct Minimizing space taken by HTTP downloads (Gary Adams and Eric Giguere)
N 2001 Oct Update on 1.4 - now not due until Q1 2002. No specifics on performance features, just a general "looking at memory footprint and startup time for client performance; and scalability and large systems: huge heaps, many processors, and so on for server performance".
T 2001 Oct Shortened version of chapter 5, "Utilities: The Logging Architecture", from "Early Adopter J2SE 1.4"> (James Hart)
T 2001 Oct Shortened version of chapter 2, "I/O", from "Early Adopter J2SE 1.4"> (James Hart)
N 2001 Oct MERANT announces DataDirect ODBC (and JDBC?) for faster Oracle access.
N 2001 Oct Pointbase 4.1 Java database announcement.

B 2001 Sep Document models, Part 1: Performance (Dennis M. Sosnoski/IBM)
T 2001 Sep Deciding whether EJB is appropriate. (Ed Roman)
T 2001 Sep Performance tuning (James McGovern)
T 2001 Sep J2EE design optimizations (Vijay S. Ramachandran)
T 2001 Sep Techniques to avoid deadlocks (Mark Dykstra)
T 2001 Sep Tutorial on non-blocking socket I/O available from JDK 1.4 (Tim Burns)
T 2001 Sep Load Balancing Web Applications (Vivek Veek)
T 2001 Sep Multiprocess JVMs (Jack Shirazi)
T 2001 Sep Implementing clustering on a J2EE web server (JBoss+Jetty) (Bill Burke)
T 2001 Sep Timers and low-level GUI display effects (Roman Bialach)
T 2001 Sep Customized high-speed, fine-grained access control (Wally Flint)
T 2001 Sep RMI performance tuning (Ashok Mathew and Mark Roulo)
T 2001 Sep Using nonblocking I/O and memory-mapped buffers in SDK 1.4. (Michael T. Nygard)
T 2001 Sep String to double (Tony Sintes)
N 2001 Sep Another independent evaluation of Java application servers
T 2001 Sep The top 5 performance pigs (Bruce Tate/J2Life)
N 2001 Sep Australian R&D center CSIRO evaluates Java application servers
T 2001 Sep Reducing thread contention (Brian Goetz)
T 2001 Sep The logging APIs (Tom Harpin)
T 2001 Sep Multithreaded Swing Applications (Monica Pawlan)
T 2001 Sep Generating integer random numbers (John Zukowski)
T 2001 Sep Making HTTP connections using background threads. (Eric Giguere)
T 2001 Sep Rambling discussion of building J.Crew website, in Chapter 3 of "J2EE Technology in Practice"> (Dao Ren, Dr. Rick Cattell and Jim Inscore)
N 2001 Sep webMethods Provides Scalable, High-Performance Integration to J2EE Application Servers
N 2001 Sep Versant says they're faster than before. Now that's what I call slow-for-news season: when a software vendor claims a new version is faster than the last one and it makes the biz news

T 2001 Aug Performance chapter (chapter 20) from "Professional JSP 2nd Edition"> (Simon Brown, Robert Burdick, Darko Cokor, Jayson Falkner, Ben Galbraith, RodJohnson, Larry Kim, Casey Kochmer, Thor Kristmundsson, Sing Li, Dan Malks, Mark Nelson, Grant Palmer, Bob Sullivan, Geoff Taylor, John Timney, Sameer Tyagi, Geert Van Damme, Steve Wilkinson)
T 2001 Aug Optimizing JDBC (John Goodson)
N 2001 Aug Excelsior Java-to-Windows native code compiler improves performance (compared to previous versions of their compiler).
N 2001 Aug C++ games programmer converted to pure Java makes his case.
N 2001 Aug Our unknown app server is faster than some other carefully selected app servers, using a benchmark that we give no details about.
T 2001 Aug Performance tuning embedded Java (Vincent Perrier)
T 2001 Aug Catching OutOfMemoryErrors (Jack Shirazi)
N 2001 Aug Measuring the data abstraction penalty of small Java objects.
T 2001 Aug J2EE clustering (Abraham Kang)
T 2001 Aug Inner classes (Tony Sintes)
T 2001 Aug Architecting and Designing Scalable, Multitier Systems (Michael Minh Nguyen)
T 2001 Aug SoftReference-based HashMap (Heinz Kabutz)
T 2001 Aug Developing Scalable Distributed Applications (Mario A. Torres)
T 2001 Aug Writing a seamless audio looper (Greg Travis)
N 2001 Aug Java Specification Request to enhance the BigDecimal class primarily to efficiently support floating point arithmetic.
N 2001 Aug Second update of proposed 1.4 SDK contents. Search the doc for "fast">to find performance enhancements.
T 2001 Aug Tips on using XSLT (Eric M. Burke)
N 2001 Aug Sun community chat on Java 1.4, giving an updated situation
T 2001 Aug BigDecimal and Enumerations (Glen McCluskey)

T 2001 Jul Optimizing JDBC Prepared Statments. Also a followup discussion at (?)
T 2001 Jul Optimizing dynamic web pages (Helen Thomas)
N 2001 Jul Mentions recently available performance-enhancing Java hardware & software for embedded systems
N 2001 Jul Brief report on the Java chip players, and how their performance will differ.
N 2001 Jul Oracle counters BEAs benchmark claim. This is getting fun.
T 2001 Jul Reusing objects in embedded Java (Angus Muir and Roman Bialach)
T 2001 Jul Caching (Jonathan Lurie)
T 2001 Jul The Optimistic Locking pattern (Yasmin Akbar-Husain and Eoin Lane)
N 2001 Jul A Benchmark Comparison Between FioranoMQ and SMQ (Fiorano is faster or they wouldn't be publishing this, would they?)
T 2001 Jul When synchronization is required (Brian Goetz)
T 2001 Jul EJB2.0 Container-Managed Persistence (Beth Stearns)
T 2001 Jul Using java.lang.reflect.Proxy (Tom Harpin)
T 2001 Jul Flicker-free graphics with the Mobile Information Device Profile (Eric Giguere)
N 2001 Jul BEA claims that their WebLogic 6.1 is four times faster than IBM WebSphere 4.0. This is in response to IBM claiming that Weblogic is twice as fast as WebSphere. Anything you can do, I can do better.

T 2001 Jun Rules and Patterns for Session Facades (Kyle Brown)
T 2001 Jun Scaling web services (Simeon Simeonov)
T 2001 Jun J2ME apps, with a discussion of the needs to balance performance (Glenn Coates)
T 2001 Jun Computational planning and scheduling problem solving (not performance tuning) (Irvin Lustig)
T 2001 Jun Moving from JSP to EJB (Patrick Sean Neville)
T 2001 Jun J2EE challenges (Chris Kampmeier)
T 2001 Jun Using the WeakHashMap class (Jack Shirazi)
B 2001 Jun JDO object model
T 2001 Jun Servlet Filters (Jason Hunter)
N 2001 Jun Tony Sintes discusses performance enhancements slated for the 1.4 release
T 2001 Jun J2EE design patterns to improve performance (Daniel H. Steinberg)
T 2001 Jun Experiences building a servlet (Asif Habibullah, Jimmy Xu)
T 2001 Jun Java 3D performance tips (Doug Twilleager)
T 2001 Jun Load testing of web applications (Frank Cohen)
N 2001 Jun Ulf Dittmer has taken over support of ProfileViewer
T 2001 Jun Performance tuning report in German, recently updated. Thanks to Peter Kofler for extracting the tips. (Sebastian Ritter)
T 2001 Jun Performance tuning report in German, recently updated. Thanks to Peter Kofler for extracting the tips. (Sebastian Ritter)
T 2001 Jun Connection Pooling with JRun (Karl Moss)
N 2001 Jun John Zukowski covers the state of Java gaming at JavaOne
T 2001 Jun Optimizing recursive methods (Eric E. Allen)
T 2001 Jun Java collections (Richard G. Baldwin)
N 2001 Jun Some of the faster Java2D and Swing features in the 1.4 release
T 2001 Jun Tutorial on the full screen capabilities in the 1.4 release (5 pages plus example pages under the top page) (Michael Martak)
T 2001 Jun Sun community discussion on "Optimizing Entity Beans">with Akara Sucharitakul (Edward Ort)
N 2001 Jun Oracle claims they have the faster application server

T 2001 May Comparing the performance of LinkedLists and ArrayLists (and Vectors) (Jack Shirazi)
T 2001 May Various performance tips (Asha Balasubramanyan)
T 2001 May Chapter 2, "Java: Fat and Slow?", of "Java 2 Micro Edition: Professional Developer's Guide">referenced from (Eric Giguere)
T 2001 May Faster JSP with caching (Serge Knystautas)
T 2001 May Using VolatileImage (Someone@sun)
T 2001 May Judging various aspects of Java, including performance (Brian Maso)
T 2001 May Tuning the IBM JVM and Linux (Duc Vianney and James Phelan)
T 2001 May Stateful vs. Stateless EJBs (Chuck Caveness, Doug Pardee)
T 2001 May Optimizing entity beans (Akara Sucharitakul)
T 2001 May Improving socket transfer rates (Rama Roberts)
T 2001 May Sun presentation on J2SE performance strategies (originally accessed from, Reginald Hutcherson's page) (Reginald Hutcherson)
T 2001 May Optimizing StringBuffer usage (Glen McCluskey)
T 2001 May Using VolatileImage (Someone@sun)

T 2001 Apr J2EE Application servers (Christopher G. Chelliah and Sudhakar Ramakrishnan)
T 2001 Apr J2EE Application server performance (Misha Davidson)
T 2001 Apr EJB best practices (Sandra L. Emerson, Michael Girdley, Rob Woollen)
T 2001 Apr Web Load Test Planning (Alberto Savoia)
T 2001 Apr Using the Syslog class for logging (Nate Sammons)
T 2001 Apr Parallel clustering of machines using Java (Aashish N. Patil)
T 2001 Apr Avoiding memory leaks in EJBs (Govind Seshadri)
T 2001 Apr Using Timers (java.util.Timer) (Eric Giguere)

T 2001 Mar Benchmarking JMS (Dave Chappell, Bill Wood)
T 2001 Mar Pseudo Sessions for JSP, Servlets and HTTP (Budi Kurniawan)
T 2001 Mar Basic article on a minimal ArrayList implementation, from a micro-Java slant (Lee Miles)
T 2001 Mar Designing remote interfaces (Brian Goetz)
T 2001 Mar JDK 1.4 features update (Vinay Aggarwal)
T 2001 Mar The performance of games on J2ME (Jason R. Briggs)
T 2001 Mar Designing Java Performance: reducing object creation (Brian Goetz)
T 2001 Mar Various strategies for connecting to databases (Prakash Malani)
T 2001 Mar Swing performance tips (Steve Wilson)
T 2001 Mar Designing Entity Beans for Improved Performance (Beth Stearns)
T 2001 Mar Introductory level article on threading applets (Monica Pawlan)
T 2001 Mar Sun community chat session: Tuning the Java Runtime for "Big Iron"> (Edward Ort)
T 2001 Mar How to use java.rmi.MarshalledObject (Stuart Halloway)

B 2001 Feb Clustering (Abraham Kang/JavaWorld)
T 2001 Feb Performance planning for managers (Jack Shirazi)
T 2001 Feb Clustering for J2EE and Java application servers. Looks at Bluestone Total-e-server, Sybase Enterprise Application Server, SilverStream Application Server, and WebLogic Application Server. (Abraham Kang)
T 2001 Feb Using a ternary search tree for fast searches of partial text matches (Wally Flint)
T 2001 Feb Speeding up file searching in JFileChooser (Slav Boleslawski)
T 2001 Feb Article on using CachedRowSet, a ResultSet that doesn't need continuous connection to the database (Taylor G. Cowan)
T 2001 Feb Choosing a J2EE application server, emphasizing the importance of performance issues (Steve Franklin)
T 2001 Feb JDBC Performance Tips (targetted at AS/400, but generically applicable) (Richard Dettinger and Mark Megerian)
T 2001 Feb Tracking Memory leaks (Jim Patrick)
B 2001 Feb Manageable commercial websites
T 2001 Feb Sun engineering report on performance tests of various configurations of the 1.2.2 and 1.3 JVM (Ed Ort)

T 2001 Jan Expiring cached data (William Grosso)
T 2001 Jan Optimizing hash functions: generating a perfect hash function (Jack Shirazi)
T 2001 Jan Good Java practices, some of which are good for performance. (Dave Jarvis)
T 2001 Jan Article on designing for performance focusing on interfaces (Brian Goetz)
T 2001 Jan Detailed article on load testing systems (Himanshu Bhatt)
T 2001 Jan Article about frameworks and the effective memory management of objects; avoiding memory leaks by design. (Leonard Slipp)
T 2001 Jan Basic article on performance tuning techniques. (Tarak Modi)
T 2001 Jan Some performance tips (Shyam Lingegowda)
T 2001 Jan Sun community chat session on "Optimizing Java Program Performance">with Peter Haggar. (Edward Ort)
T 2001 Jan Sun community chat session on "Threading and Concurrency in the Java Platform">with Thomas Christopher and George Thiruvathukal (Edward Ort)
T 2001 Jan Chapter 4 of "High Performance Java Computing : Multi-Threaded and Networked Programming", "Monitors"> (George Thiruvathukal, Thomas Christopher)
T 2001 Jan Chapter 3 of "High Performance Java Computing : Multi-Threaded and Networked Programming", "Race Conditions and Mutual Exclusion"> (George Thiruvathukal, Thomas Christopher)

T 2000 Unk Server performance testing (Floyd Marinescu)
T 2000 Unk Performance tuning part of a white paper about Java on Solaris 2.6. (?/Sun)
T 2000 Unk Tuning the SPECjbb2000 Java specmark. (?/SPEC)
T 2000 Unk Object creation tuning (Daniel F. Savarese)
T 2000 Unk Timing out sockets (David Reilly)
T 2000 Unk HP Java tuning site, including optimizing Java and optimizing HPUX for Java. This is the top page, but several useful pages lie off it (tips extracted for inclusion below). Includes a nice "procedure">list for tuning apps, and some useful forms for what you should record while tuning. (?/HP)
T 2000 Unk Nice article on understanding bytecodes by Peter Haggar, Added 2000-10-23, Author of "Practical Java". Explains why a synchronized method is faster than a functionally identical synchronized block. (Peter Haggar/IBM)
T 2000 Unk Peter Haggar's Practical Java Programming Language Guide. (Peter Haggar)
T 2000 Unk IBM's list of Java performance tuning tips (same page, two URLs). (?/IBM)
T 2000 Unk Both Java specific and Java on OS/390 tips. (?/IBM)
T 2000 Unk Various tips. For web servers? (?/?)
T 2000 Unk An assortment of tips (Curt Smith/Smith)
T 2000 Unk The Eight Fallacies of Distributed Computing (Peter Deutsch)
T 2000 Unk Chapter 5, "RAM Footprint">of "Java Platform Performance: Strategies and Tactics."> (Steve Wilson and Jeff Kesselman)
T 2000 Unk Chapter 2, "The Performance Process">of "Java Platform Performance". (Steve Wilson and Jeff Kesselman)
T 2000 Unk Chapter 1, "What Is Performance?">of "Java Platform Performance". (Steve Wilson and Jeff Kesselman)
T 2000 Unk Chapter 7, "Object Mutability: Strings and other things">of "Java Platform Performance: Strategies and Tactics."> (Steve Wilson and Jeff Kesselman)
T 2000 Unk Chapter 3, "Measurement Is Everything">of "Java Platform Performance". (Steve Wilson and Jeff Kesselman)
T 2000 Unk Chapter 4, "I/O Performance">of "Java Platform Performance: Strategies and Tactics."> (Steve Wilson and Jeff Kesselman)
T 2000 Unk Chapter 6, "Controlling Class Loading">of "Java Platform Performance: Strategies and Tactics."> (Steve Wilson and Jeff Kesselman)
T 2000 Unk Chapter 8, "Algorithms and data structures">of "Java Platform Performance: Strategies and Tactics."> (Steve Wilson and Jeff Kesselman)
T 2000 Unk Chapter 4 of "Enterprise Java Performance", "Local/Remote Issues". (Steven Halter & Steven Munroe/Sun)
T 2000 Unk Chapter 1 of "Enterprise Java Performance", "Performance in General". Includes the infamous sentences "It is likely that the code will not meet the performance requirements the very first time it runs. Even if it does, it may be worthwhile to look for some ways to improve it.">NO NO NO! If the code meets the performance requirements, DON'T CHANGE IT. Next time guys, ask me to review your book before you publish. (Steven Halter & Steven Munroe/Sun)
T 2000 Unk Chapter 10 (Swing models and renderers) of "Java Platform Performance: Strategies and Tactics."> (Steve Wilson, Jeff Kesselman/ Sun)
T 2000 Unk FAQ site with a couple of basic performance tips. (Martin Webb/IRT)

T 2000 Dec Anonymous inner classes (Heinz M. Kabutz)
T 2000 Dec Efficiently formatting doubles (Jack Shirazi)
T 2000 Dec "EJB2 clustering with application servers"> (Tyler Jewell)
T 2000 Dec Runtime.exec() pitfalls (Michael C. Daconta)
T 2000 Dec Article on using syslog to track performance across distributed systems (Brian Maso )
T 2000 Dec Performance tuning report in German. As I don't speak German, it is difficult for me to comment any further (Sebastian Ritter)
T 2000 Dec Sun community chat session with Bill Shannon, Kevin Osborn, and Jim Glennon on JavaMail (Edward Ort)

T 2000 Nov Deadlocks (Heinz M. Kabutz)
T 2000 Nov Article about optimizing I/O performance. (Brian Goetz)
T 2000 Nov Article about optimizing queries on Maps. (Jack Shirazi)
T 2000 Nov Article on using smart proxies. (M. Jeff Wilson)
T 2000 Nov Java I/O tutorial by Elliotte Rusty Harold (author of O'Reilly's Java I/O book). (Elliotte Rusty Harold)
T 2000 Nov Whoopee!! A non-blocking I/O library for Java. This is the single most important functionality missing from the SDK for scalable server applications. The important class is SelectSet which allows you to multiplex all your i/o streams. If you want a scalable server and can use this class then DO SO. (Matt Welsh)
T 2000 Nov Hans Bergsten's top ten JSP tips (Hans Bergsten)
T 2000 Nov A high level overview of technical performance tuning, covering 5 levels of tuning competence. Note that this is a reissue of an article already available from my book's examples page at O'Reilly (Jack Shirazi)

T 2000 Sep Chapter 4 of "Java Performance Tuning", "Object Creation". (Jack Shirazi/O'Reilly)
B 2000 Sep Improving Java Code Performance (Peter Haggar/IBM)
T 2000 Sep Paper detailing the "Best Practices for Developing High Performance Web and Enterprise Applications">using IBM's WebSphere. All the tips are generally applicable to servlet/EJB development, as well as other types of server development. (Harvey W. Gunther)
T 2000 Sep Tuning IBM's WebSphere product. White paper: "Methodology for Production Performance Tuning". Only non-product specific Java tips have been extracted here. (Gennaro (Jerry) Cuomo)
T 2000 Sep My article on basic optimizations for queries on collections (Jack Shirazi/O'Reilly)

T 2000 Aug Discussion on JDBC performance (Swarraj Kulkarni)
T 2000 Aug HotSpot FAQ (?)
T 2000 Aug Sun community chat session with Steve Wilson and Jeff Kesselman on Java Performance (Edward Ort)
T 2000 Aug The Javap disassembler (Stuart Halloway)
T 2000 Aug A long list of most of the tuning techniques covered in my "Java Performance Tuning">book (Jack Shirazi/O'Reilly)

T 2000 Jul iPlanet Web Server guide to servlets, with a section at the end on "Maximizing Servlet Performance". (?)

T 2000 Jun Weblogic tuning (generally applicable Java tips extracted) (BEA Systems)
T 2000 Jun Web application scalability. (Billie Shea)

T 2000 Apr Particle's pretty good coverage of the main Java data structures. Only a few tuning tips: reuse, pools, optimized sorting. But knowing which structure to use for a particular problem is an important performance tuning technique. (J. Particle)

T 2000 Mar WebSphere V3 Performance Tuning Guide (Ken Ueno, Tom Alcott, Jeff Carlson, Andrew Dunshea, Hajo Kitzhöfer, Yuko Hayakawa, Frank Mogus, Colin D. Wordsworth)
T 2000 Mar Basic performance tuning intro (Reggie Hutcherson)

T 2000 Feb Article on Java 2 collections (Dennis M. Sosnoski)

T 2000 Jan Coding standards with a small but interesting section (section 7.3) on optimizations (Scott Ambler)

T 1999 Unk Various tips. (Nate Sammons/Sammons)
T 1999 Unk Patrick Killelea's Java performance tips. (Patrick Killelea/Killelea)
T 1999 Unk Research paper on high performance Java. (Sandeep K. Singhal/IBM)
T 1999 Unk Optimizing the performance of JAWS Webserver (James C. Hu, Irfan Pyarali, Douglas C. Schmidt/Distributed Object-Oriented Systems)
T 1999 Unk Tuning tips intended for Sun's "Web Server">product, but actually generally applicable. (? - a Sun document/Aikido)
T 1999 Unk A worked example of optimizing Lava Rocks Java Printf. (?/SharkySoft)
T 1999 Unk Swing performance tips (Bill Harlan)

T 1999 Dec Article on the cost of casts (Dennis M. Sosnoski)

B 1999 Nov Advanced Programming for the Java 2 Platform (Calvin Austin and Monica Pawlan/Sun)
T 1999 Nov Object management article (Dennis M. Sosnoski)

T 1999 Oct Glen McCluskey's paper with 30 tuning tips, now free. (Glen McCluskey/McCluskey)

T 1999 Sep Article on connection pools (Hans Bergsten)

T 1999 Apr Weblogic JDBC tuning (BEA Systems)

T 1999 Mar Glen McCluskey's article on tuning Java I/O performance. Weak on serialization tuning. (Glen McCluskey/Sun)

T 1999 Jan Weblogic's RMI framework (BEA Systems)

T 1998 Unk Article on recycling resource pools (Philip Bishop and Nigel Warren)

T 1998 Nov Article on high availability architecture. If the system isn't up when you need it, its not performing. (Sam Wong/Sun)

T 1998 Sep Article on improving object pools performance. (Thomas E. Davis)
T 1998 Sep Various performance tips from a JavaOne 1998 presentation. (Tony Squier & Steven Meloan)

T 1998 Jun Article by Frederic Boulanger with tuning tips. (Frederic Boulanger/Macadamian)
T 1998 Jun Article on building an object pool for improved performance. (Thomas E. Davis)

T 1998 May Bill Venners on "the right way to optimize"> (Bill Venners/Artima)

T 1998 Mar For years, Jonathan Hardwick's old but classic site was the only coherent Java performance tuning site on the web. He built it while doing his PhD. It wasn't updated beyond March 1998, when he moved to Microsoft, but most tips are still useful and valid. The URL is for the top page, there are another eight pages. Thanks Jonathan. (Jonathan Hardwick/Hardwick)

T 1997 Unk Improving applet download time by installing the applet on the client. (Mark Roulo/JavaWorld)
T 1997 Unk Doug Bell's article with various low-level techniques and benchmark applets. (Doug Bell/JavaWorld)
T 1997 Unk Use a zip archive to download classes. (John D. Mitchell/JavaWorld)
T 1997 Unk Cute tip on unblocking a blocked socket by sending it data from a timer thread. (Albert Lopez/JavaWorld)

T 1996 Unk Article about avoiding creating objects where possible. (Chuck McManis/JavaWorld)
T 1996 Unk Paul Tyma's article on low level Java optimizations. (Paul Tyma/Dr. Dobb's)
T 1996 Unk "Cutting Edge Java Game Programming". Oldish but still useful intro book to games programming using Java. (Neil Bartlett, Steve Simkin )

T 1996 Mar Animation in java applets article. Old article, but basically sound (the basics haven't changed). (Arthur van Hoff and Kathy Walrath)

T 0000 Unk A different HP tip page on optimizing Java performance, from the "HP-UX Programmer's Guide for Java". Gives info on HP system performance monitoring too (?/HP)
T 0000 Unk Basic animation tutorial (Dave ?)
T 0000 Unk Some IBM Java performance tips. Although intended for AS/400 Java, many tips are generally applicable (?/IBM)
T 0000 Unk Another tutorial from Sun. This ones on animation (?)

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