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Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks! was originally created as a support site for Jack Shirazi's book Java Performance Tuning. It immediately became the the premier site for all types of Java performance tuning information, because of the huge amount of information available from the site. After a couple of years, we moved the site on to become more of a magazine, and we now provide many interesting columns as well as huge amounts of information covering all aspects of Java Performance. is supported by several technical personnel and by our associate consultants who contribute material and many useful suggestions. The Technical Director is Jack Shirazi, who arranges the newsletter and oversees all content. Primary contributors include Kirk Pepperdine and Javva The Hutt (curiously not his real name).

We also have many associate organizations and individuals who are helping maintain as the premier location for Java performance information and services. If you or your organization can provide Java performance tuning expertise, please contact us to be added to our register of associates.

About Jack Shirazi

Jack started out as a theoretical physicist, but moved to the field of bioinformatics after he failed to discover a workable faster-than-light propulsion system. As a researcher at Cancer Research UK, a large European cancer research organization, Jack published papers on applying knowledge management to the field of protein structure prediction. Jack also contributed to the development of several core modules in Perl version 5, and developed several useful non-core modules, notably the EventServer which was used as a core for a number of perl based products.

Since then, Jack has consulted on Java projects mainly for the financial industry. Jack's focus on performance tuning resulted in his comprehensive and influential book Java Performance Tuning and the website which he founded and continues to run. Jack was elected by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) to be one of about one hundred and fifty Java Champions worldwide in recognition of his Java performance expertise and for his efforts in educating the Java community about Java performance techniques.

Jack's publications can be viewed here.

Jack can be contacted directly via this page

About Kirk Pepperdine

Kirk's career began in Biochemical Engineering, where he applied his researching skills in attaching computers to sheep and cats, synthesising radio-active tylenol and developing separation techniques using High Performance Liquid Chromatography for Ottawa University and the National Research Council of Canada. Subsequently, he became employed by the Canadian Department of Defense. Kirk admits that his work at the DoD involved programming Cray supercomputers as well as other Unix systems, but he refuses or is unable to divulge the exact nature of the applications in the department other than that they involved databases and high performance systems.

After the DoD, Kirk consulted as an analyst at Florida Power & Light, then moved on to join GemStone Systems as a senior consultant. He is currently an independent consultant, and also an editor at

Kirk has been heavily involved in the performance aspects of applications since the start of his career, and has tuned applications involving a variety of languages from Cray Assembler, through C, Smalltalk and on to Java. Kirk has focused on Java since 1996. Kirk co-authored ANT Developer's Handbook, which was published in 2002.

About Javva The Hutt

Javva The Hutt began his career as a baby. He has recently careered into toddlerhood, where he's carrying on his former career, but with more maturity. And better motor skills. When he grows up, Javva hopes to become an adult. Javva is currently 156 years old and as large as 12 Chippendales. In all directions.

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