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Javva The Hutt December 27th 2002

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The startup virtual roller coaster

During the dot bomb, I was the CTO of a fantastically successful startup. Well, okay, the company was a couple of guys I knew, no employees, and we almost got first round funding before the stock market meltdown. I didn't even give up my day job. But the thrill was unbelievable, and can you blame me for trying to get on the bandwagon? One day we were talking to VC guys about $10 million, looking forward to becoming overnight paper millionaires and adding our great products to the world economy; the next day they didn't remember ever meeting us and we were back to being joe nobodies. I don't like real roller coaster rides, but looking back on it, this virtual one was kinda fun.

Over on DevX, they have The diary of a startup. If you are at all interested in the startup business process, this is one way to live someone else's ride.

Diary of a Hutt

November 13. Damn, what were those guys thinking! Bloody Pet Store might be a bloody toy application but they're making bloody waves! Of course I'm the performance expert here, so I have to explain up the chain why Java is faster and no we don't need to start evaluating DOTNOT to see if we should be implementing this and no there's no need to re-evaluate our forward plans on that and ... Scrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaammmmmm!!!! What the hell did they use to profile the application? new Date()? Why do I have the strong feeling that I've just been royally screwed when a company that I didn't commission has tested a non-benchmark application against another system that I don't care about using incompetent procedures and inexperienced engineers to provide a pointless comparison. And why am I having to spend lots of time explaining all this here!!!

November 20. No freebies yet. What kind of salesman doesn't give away freebies worth a tiny fraction of their product to close the deal? Either these guys are better than I thought, or our industry is doing much worse than I thought. Can anyone reading this tell me if companies have ruled out giving away freebies now?

November 28. Jack's comments on the Pet Store fiasco (November newsletter) were spot on. Someone at Microsoft probably got a big bonus for this PR job. Oracle's implementation 20 times faster than Microsoft's! How come no one else is publicising that? Well at least I can point my bigwigs to that.


Javva The Hutt.

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