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Javva The Hutt July 2004

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Nerd Humor

It's got to be surreal humor when it gets formed around Java data types. Or maybe it's just the nerd in me that thinks this funny.

.NET vs Java

This is a pretty good comparison of .NET and Java. I'd summarize it by saying Java has years of effort behind it, meaning it is more stable and feature rich, and is cross platform; .NET has Microsoft behind it. Otherwise they are pretty much equal in capability. Which should be unsurprising since .NET copied everything they thought useful from Java, and Java copies anything that seems useful or popular from .NET. Which is all good for us developers, this is real competition for Microsoft for the first time in years, and I think we are going to see innovation in both Java and .NET like we saw at the height of the dot com boom when development cycles accelerated enormously. My guess is that we are just entering a five to ten year cycle which will see Java and .Net evolve into a duopoly way in advance of anything else we've seen before in I.T. If you are thinking of starting a product or service in either of these, do it now. You are only just ahead of the curve.

Diary of a Hutt

May 5. I've been made an offer too good to refuse, so I'm afraid this will be the end of Javva The Hutt. I guess it'll be the end of writing about all the other people I've known and written about over the last few years here. I looked back through them, and there's quite a roll call: Sympathy, HasntGotAClue, Boris, Brainshrii, Weevil, Frezian, Parsons, SquintFace, Bigmouth, Hilite, Vlad, the Agent Smith twins: Agent Thing1 and Agent Thing2, 6Point, Rosencrantz N. Guildenstern, Beelzebub. Mind you Beelzebub is only a computer, so I shouldn't really list him, but I guess I've anthropomorphized him now. Hmm, maybe I'll carry on writing in my new position, but I don't know how things will be yet, so I just can't tell.

May 19. I can't believe it. I can't bloody believe it! I am so furious I could explode. BOOOOOOM. This needs careful thought. Revenge is a dish best enjoyed cold, and I'm going to have the most ornate banana split revenge in history. It was a set up. Somehow, Weevil got a hold of the real letter from "WeDoJavaBetterThanYou Corporation", and replaced it with a job offer that was absolutely excellent. I came nanoseconds close to handing in my notice too - I only found out there wasn't a job there because I phoned their HR department to ask about some details that I wanted clarified. Can you believe what a complete and total four star jerk he is? Here's my to do list:


Javva The Hutt.

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