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Javva The Hutt November 2004

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Diary of a Hutt

October 13. Ever noticed that October seems hectic? No work gets done in December or January, so the slack has to be taken up somewhere - and that is October. September is a sort of lead up, with new faces where required. November is an overflow month, for the stuff that doesn't get done in October. Knowing this, I make sure that from mid-September to end-November no one in my team takes a holiday, though Brainshrii and Boris didn't really mind. I let them take the odd days, just no full week in that period. Of course I have a contingency plan in case I need to take a week myself, after all one never knows when one might need a week. Two days at the end of the week, one day scheduled at a conference (there is always one somewhere), one day traveling, one day ill. You schedule that around a weekend rather than from one weekend to the next, and then it doesn't look like you've taken a week off. It's one thing every experienced performance tuner learns quickly - it's all about perception. Reality doesn't matter if the perception of that reality hits the right spot.

October 27. Well, it seems that my two proteges also understand about perception - as indeed they should since they are in the performance business. They've both each been off sick twice this month, coincidentally just before or after the weekend when they were taking a short break on the other side of the weekend. Of course I turned down their requests for "training" that they somehow managed to conjure up for just the right time to follow/preceed their sickies. That did mean that I couldn't take time off myself - fortunately I didn't need to. But I still think it needs a little "reward" on their part so that they don't feel they got one past me. So it's going to be a few extra days of early support for a few weeks for them. Let's see them pull that one again in a hurry.

Javva The Hutt.

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