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Javva The Hutt September 2006

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How many times do you have to be burnt before you remember how important backups are?

Diary of a Hutt

I guess you want to know where I've been? Or quite possibly you couldn't care less. Or you've never even heard of me. Check my old columns if you want to read through my old diaries - or as the more modern amongst us call it, my blog. Well bloggish. I don't have feedback on my blog - you can always email me if you have a comment. Frankly, I'm not at all that sure I'd want some of you adding comments to my diary. I've had some pretty unusual communications over the years (for example "Dear Mr. The Hutt. Why did your mother call you Javva? That's a very odd name." and "Javva me old matey, have you ever considered some plastic surgery? Blokes do it too you know. Shhh, don't tell everyone. Otherwise we'll all end up in a race for the biggest todger, if you know what I mean.").

Anyway, Jack tracked me down, and I agreed to start the old column again. No promises mind you, I'll try to keep up with life, but I'm only as capable as the next man. Well actually I'm quite a bit more capable than the next man - let me tell you, he's a bit of a duffer, in his cubicle with that stupid calendar printed from unix cal calls. GO AND BUY A CALENDAR or at least get a freebie, for gods sake. Do you know how pathetic it looks with those little sheets of toilet paper sized printouts tacked up next to you?

So, you might have noticed that I suddenly stopped blogging nearly two years ago. I was ... hmm, I suppose an accurate way to put it is that I was eased into another position. No, I think more accurate is the entry in my CV which states fairly categorically that I was dramatically headhunted by an aggressive go-ahead startup, such was the demand for my expertise. Coincidentally, at my old job, it seems that Weevil became aware of my blog/diary just as I decided to leave. I do believe I should concatenate that into a bliary. A diary/blog would be a dialog or dlog, or even dog, none of which really sound right. No, bliary sounds about right ...

Oh, I do keep getting distracted. Let me get back to where I was. I had decided to leave my old job. Well, as I said, I was dramatically headhunted. And it was probably a good time to go, I had left my project and team in excellent shape for the challenges ahead of them. And the more senior management would, if they could have proven such a link, would have taken a dim view of my bliary. Bloggary? Is that a better word? Blaggery? Yes. Blaggery.

It was a challenging time, moving to a startup. I didn't really have enough spare time to carry on my blaggery. No, I don't think I like that after all. Lets go back to basics - Bliarog. Bloog. Mmmm. Blooog. Now that is good. It is a simple "Blog" for the more common bloggers, then there is Bloog for those of us with some style, and I can even extend that to a Blooog if the occasion calls for it.

Also, I had a clause in my new contract which said I wasn't allowed to bloog while I was working for them. But I've scrutinized the contract and it is quite clear in omitting to state that I am not allowed to bloog ABOUT the startup or my time there now that I'm no longer there. So I can. So I will. It'll be a hindsight bloog of course, for the moment. Stay tuned, more on that next month. Well, I'll leave you with a final "Welcome Back". Of course I never went away, but you guys 'n gals did.

Javva The Hutt.

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