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Javva The Hutt August 2009

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Day 1. Hot enough to enjoy sitting in the shade, but not too hot to think. Perfect. Here on the beach, the sun beating down while a cool breeze makes it perfect weather, the view is charming and I'm enamoured. It's only a holiday, but I feel as I sit here that I really need to make this more permanent. I have a plan.

Day 12. Back from holiday, my boss tells me to work from home until I definitely have no symptoms, after I told him about the guy sitting next to me who sneezed away my whole flight home. He sure looked like he might have had swine flu. So here I am, setup to work from home. It's not so different from working in the office - I'm never actually physically close to the servers I monitor and tune, and occasionally I'm not even on the same continent to the servers. I haven't been in the same building as the servers for years. I ordered a second monitor, my laptop is enabled to handle a second external one. As soon as that comes, I can't really see that there would be any advantage to the office compared to here.

Day 19. One week later, and it's clear that my productivity is now better than it ever was in the office. I'm flying through tasks. It's way more comfortable. I find the added advantages that I can surf external sites without having the corporate firewall blocking all those useful sites that you really need to hit during the day but some busybody had now cut off. I've even managed to find some lovely beachside apartments in various places that look like they could be just right for my intended lifestyle change. I love it when a plan works so smoothly.

Day 22. Now that is interesting. I approached that den of iniquity known as HR to ask about flexible working. It seems that I might have a valid case. Especially after demonstrating so clearly that working away from the office is practical for me. Woo.

Day 26. The sharp jagged rocks of reality have shredded through my plan. Sort of. It seems I have three choices. First, I can go back into the office and carry on my work as before. My second option is to work more flexibly but take a nasty pay cut to do it. I think I've decided to go for the third option. Time to look for a new job.

BCNU - Javva The Hutt.

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