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Javva The Hutt September 2009

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I'm in a referral chain. Well, I guess everyone is, but my particular link is downstream from Jack, the editor for this site. So as you probably know Kirk passed on the 97_Things_Every_Programmer_Should_Know link to Jack (he said he'll mention it in his editorial, though of course I actually think most of you ever so clever people skip that for later and head straight to my column), and Jack passed the link on to me. And as a consequence, I had a look. It's always best to have a look when your editor passes you a link. He's kind of my boss, at least as far as this column is concerned, and I wouldn't want to upset his delicate ego by ignoring him.

So I had a look. 97 things. Far too many. I scanned the list, clicking on one or two, but I don't know about any of these. Also, the contributors seems to have each gone for a pithy title or a condensed one, or both, which means you can't actually tell what the thing is from the title. That's way too much reading. So I stoppped reading. But I thought it worth scanning the contributors, and OOOOH, there is a contribution from Verity Stob!! If you haven't read Verity Stob before, you have missed out on one of the few IT people in the world who can actually write as opposed to just pass on information (which, let's face it, is all that the rest of us IT 'writers' provide - when was the last time you picked up an article on "The Technicalities Of XML Bibblebots by Erasmus C. Troweling" while actually thinking that you were about to be in for an amusing few minutes of insightful comment?)

Here's the link directly to her contribution for those of you who can't be bothered to trawl through the 97 gems of wisdom that some IT writer thinks every programmer should know. And just for completeness, here's my contribution to those 97 things: Every programmer should know that IT is a terrible place to meet women, but a great place to meet men (it's the male/female ratio that's the problem).

As for me, well, I hope to update you on my search for a new job next time - but alas, it seems this is not a good time to be looking. So as a performance expert I am working on plan B in parallel. Or should that be concurrently? More details next month.

BCNU - Javva The Hutt.

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