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Javva The Hutt October 2009

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So I'm looking for a job again. It feels like it wasn't that long ago when I was last looking, but what can you do? Maybe IT people have short attention spans? At least I'm in the happy position of having a current job, which I know a few people aren't, though I have to admit most of the IT people I know have either so far stayed in their current job for the credit crunch, or they've had to move but have fairly quickly found something else. I can't think of anyone I know who has had more than three months of downtime. But, having said that, everyone who has moved has taken a pay cut. And that hurts.

Anyway, I've done all the usual things. Updated my Resume/CV. Looked at jobsites. Nagged friends and family. Chatted to some agents. Created a LinkedIn profile ( feel free to connect me, my email as javva@ this java performance domain right here). There only remains the minor further step of actually applying for some of the possible openings. Trouble is, they all look soooo boring. What happened to excitement in IT? What happened to creating applications that will set the world alight, make people scream with delight, make you glow bright from the creativity, the satisfaction? Maybe I'm looking at the wrong job boards. I searched for jobs in the location 'beach', but apparently they only need dentists and pyramid scheme salesmen in such locations. And much as I like the idea being part of a get rich scheme like that, I would not enjoy looking at teeth all day.

The result is I'm still looking. Maybe I need to be more flexible, less demanding. But I don't know, here we are getting to the end of the noughties, and I look back through my column and see that since I started blagging back in 2002, I have enough material for a book and yet I have no book deal. And there's a very good reason for that. I never attempted to get a book deal. And that inspiring thought makes me realise I should settle for no less an effort on my job front. I should not go for jobs that I am suitable for, they would inevitably be too boring. No, I shall scale higher heights. I shall aim for something unsuitable. Goodbye to the uninspiring Noughties. I shall target entering the Teenies in a position fit for a king!

Sadly, when I enter 'king' into the various job site search engines, I am directed to apply for a role at Burger King. So, for the moment, I shall do the next best thing and apply for a roll at Burger King.

BCNU - Javva The Hutt.

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