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Javva The Hutt February 2010

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I'm re-building my team. Yes indeed. My far-sighted new boss, Mr Dynamic, has convinced the powers that be that a radical rationalisation can save money money money. He's taken various core services, and determined that lots of different teams here in PrettyBigCo are all doing roughly the same thing with these core services - only they are each doing it differently, and each are paying for people and machines and licenses and so on blah blah blah - I must say, I don't really care. Maybe I'm too cynical but I've heard the same thing so many times. But, but! In this case, I gain. One of the core services is performance management, and I'm heading up the new centralised performance management team. Hence my decision to stop looking for a new job and stay here.

First thing I've done is look for my team. Better the devil you know and all that, plus I have to look internally for a bit before I am allowed to go outside the company anyway and I really want to get moving so I canvassed BlarneyStone who was definitely interested. I moved fast, he moved fast, notice was given, his manager accepted it with good enough grace, and BlarneyStone will be rejoining me shortly. (If you don't remember him, you might want to read my diary from September 2007).

And would you believe it, RedLenin too! In his case, his manager approached me. I find that unsurprising, I'm pretty sure I would do the same after a couple of years of RedLenin as a reportee. As it happened, though, I was interested. Have I lost my senses, you ask? Well, mine is not the only core service being created by Mr. Dynamic. There is a corresponding QA team, which will have a resource in each team that uses them, as well as their own core resources, and we are to sort of share a resource with the core QA team - that is our QA resource will work and report to the QA team, but we will be his/her primary customer and we get to choose who this resource is. And I chose RedLenin. Why would I do that? Well, firstly, he's nicely trained up in performance management from when he was with me last time, and he's actually fairly competent. That makes him perfectly qualified. He's happy to move to the role, which makes him available. And finally, he's annoying as heck, and that suits me perfectly - as his new manager will be Weevil.

I've even bought him a new mug as a "joining" present. It says "Good managers hire people cleverer than themselves". I can just imagine the comments that mug will spawn from RedLenin. I wonder if I can get a recording of the QA weeklies. Some changes just work out sooo well.

BCNU - Javva The Hutt. (LinkedIn profile feel free to connect me, my email as javva@ this java performance domain).

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