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Communication is all that I seem to be doing at the moment. It's not what I signed up for, but I suppose it is essential if I'm starting a company-wide service. Got to get the message out, soothe egos, sell our services, show how we can improve things for other teams. Actually, the current stage internal selling is pretty easy, the teams that already have a performance team - usually one guy here and there - are eager to work with us as it is pretty lonely being the "performance guy" for your team. And those teams that don't have a performance guy see us being able to provide their performance management, and so naturally are quite happy to use us.

As a consequence, I have to schedule our team work to understand the requirements of a dozen other teams, get brain dumps from relevant people, write up and start planning performance tests, consider how we are going to work with the existing people and how many new resources I might need, integrate ... blah blah blah if you wanted to know about management you'd be a manager and this is what you do so no need for me to go on, and if you didn't then this is the stuff you don't want to know about. I don't really want to be a manager, but after I get past the boring management stuff I'm hoping to get my hands dirty again with analysis and tuning, there has to be some perks to this job. I have delegated lots of the interaction to BlarneyStone, who naturally has no trouble charming the other teams into giving him access to everything we need, so all in all it's going pretty smoothly.

It's all quite different for Weevil. Oh, sure, there are some that want to use him, or integrate their QA to his services. But mostly, the existing QA teams are entrenched in their way of working, plus they each have a management structure which is threatened by Weevil if his QA service makes inroads. So although Weevil has a couple of internal customers for his services, he's struggling to gain interest. And as a consequence, RedLenin is enjoying himself rather too much. I don't need a recording of the QA weeklies, I get a full report without asking from RedLenin. "Hello Javva, just coming back from our weekly. I asked the oppressor if we have any new customers for the QA service, and I would swear Weevil changed a couple of shades of pale...". I hardly have to prompt him, he's delighted when his manager is discomfitted, and ecstatic to tell everyone he can whatever problems they might have - as I know only too well from when I was his manager. At least this time I'm enjoying it as much as he is, Weevil having problems is definitely a plus for me.

So to summarise, I'm successfully starting a companywide performance management service, while at the same time Weevil is in suckyville. Sometimes, life just turns out life++.

BCNU - Javva The Hutt. (LinkedIn profile feel free to connect me, my email as javva@ this java performance domain).

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