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Javva The Hutt November 2010

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You can be a cheeky bunch when emailing me. I recently got an email from a lady insisting that she could easily do just as well in blogging about her day job as I seem to, so I invited her to do so here. And she took me up on the offer, so this month I bring you Javanelle The Huttess' diary.

Day 1. OMG. This handbag site takes for-ev-uh! I can't believe I'm still using it. I had a look at the javascript last time, and yuckie hand-crafted rubbish. After spotting a couple of bugs without even looking, I did fire off an email suggesting they might want to get acquainted with a very modern thing called regression testing. Had a peek this time, I see a referenced 'test' js file, but unsurprisingly it's empty, since the code is still just as bad. I'm so tempted to not use the site and tell them why. But they so have my taste. It's hard to give it up. Just this one more time, and after that, I'll swear off it totally.

Day 4. In the kitchen, Brian was trying to tell me about some argument raging on slashdot. Like it matters. When I was filling my mug with hot water from the machine, I could just feel he was checking me out. The perv. I don't know why I talk to him, he's had no steady gf in four years, and he's 33! Still, I can't be rude. He does help out when I've got the odd tech issue. I resolve to try and go to the kitchen when he's busy in a meeting, though. That way, maybe a little less perving over me.

Day 11. Ugh, just back from the kitchen, there was a swarm of us having a nice chat, I was getting some really interesting fillback on the Swiss guy. Then the ape-guy came and joined us, and I felt soo uncomfortable. He's always looking at me even when he's not, I'm sure he's got a mind like a sewer. And not in a good way. I really don't like being around him. He was definitely checking me out, the utter perv. I had to come back here and write down how desperate he is.

Day 12. Project Lighter is a total pain. Why would you even think of trying to combine rubbish old technologies instead of writing something new to meld together all the functionalities. Spit and Glue is what it should have been called. Brian says Lighter is supposed to mean that it's a lighter way of combining the tech, but then he told me some wickedly funny things about just exactly where the guys up the stack were lighter. I can never quite understand why he's not got a gf, he's presentable enough. Though a bit of a perv.

Day 17. The Swiss guy was checking me out! At last. I was just going over to the guy with the ears to discuss the Lighter project, and he was waiting at the printer for something to print. Finally. He gave me a nice smile as I walked past, and I could just feel him checking me out as I walked away. Result.

Day 25. The fat girl in the aisle three over is ever so nice. We got to chatting at lunch and she was so right there about the ape-guy. Makes her feel just as uncomfortable. I bet he pervs over her almost as much, even if she could do with some clothes that make her look thinner. And she really needs a proper hairdo. But she told me Swiss guy has a wife. What a swine, checking me out when he's married. I don't give that relationship long. I'll have to find out how long he's been married, bet it's only a couple of years. Mind you, she might be awful, it was probably one of those whirlwind things, and before he knew it he was married and he's only now finding out what a total meanie she is.

Day 26. I only visited cos it was in my favorites and I clicked by mistake. I was actually opening the reporting site. But after it opened, I just had to look, that featured one was just perfect. Out of my price range though. Darn. I fired off an email requesting details of their testing regime explaining that I couldn't possibly buy anything until I was happy with the robustness of their site.

Day 27. As if! I just smiled and said I was busy. Gave him evils when he walked off though. To his back.

xxx to you all - Javvanelle

BCNU - Javva The Hutt. (LinkedIn profile feel free to connect me, my email as javva@ this java performance domain).

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