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Javva The Hutt April 2011

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OMG, 6am! Not that I'm that averse to a 6am start occasionally, but not for a training session! I was expecting a nice sleep in, followed by a leisurely breakfast and then a slow paced lecture. After all this is a three day training course, I've done these before and I was expecting the same relaxed three days starting late, lots of dozing off, with nice long meals in between.

But no, apparently training has moved on. Instead of being a comfortable few days off work, I'm going to be whipped into shape by my instructors who will upgrade my soft skills with their new hard-nosed military training approach. Up at six for warm-ups and pre-breakfast team meetings. Followed by immediate team discussions over breakfast. And it just goes on like this all day, exercises, full on scheduling, working over food or working over no food; team switches and investigations and interviews and ... gawd, it goes on until evening drinks when we are, unbelievably, still being pounded on by the trainers to get the team designing done.

I go to my room exhausted, I don't even bother logging on to check for mail, just a shower, flick on the news, then collapse into bed, out like a light. Next thing, it's the next 6am start and I'm already wiped out before I've even dragged myself out of the shower.

That's the last time I accept training. Give me a techie manual anytime.

I told Weevil it was a doddle, with time to swan around and relax by the pool. He's going on the same course in two weeks time. I've scheduled an evening phone meeting to include him smack in the middle of his training days. My bet is he won't manage to stay awake past the first five minutes. Which is why I scheduled his boss to join after 15 minutes.

BCNU - Javva The Hutt. (LinkedIn profile feel free to connect me, my email as javva@ this java performance domain).

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