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News February 28th, 2003

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Modern Garbage Collection Tuning
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Mea Culpa. Javaworld didn't stop access to its archived articles. More precisely, access was withheld for one week, then restored after someone decided the policy wasn't going to make them a fortune. Well done JavaWorld, and silly old me for writing last month's editorial just when the restriction was in effect.

Swing vs SWT was the hot news this month. Amidst some propaganda for each side, it seems that each has its place. More to the point, it seems like we have Sun backing Swing and IBM backing SWT and the two sides intend to fight it out with each other in trying to make their GUI framework easier to use and faster to respond. Whoopee! Don't ya' just love competition.

We also had the outing of a two year old Sun memo that indicated Sun didn't have Java performance on Solaris as a top priority. Is that really so surprising? Two years ago, Java had only just become the de-facto server-side language, and Sun has never really been that responsive to ongoing Java trends. They've tended to be looking forward to the next best thing, or responding to some torrent or other, rather than concentrating on what today's community wants. That's the kind of attitude that gave us Java in the first place. It's good for the Java community, because it leaves plenty of opportunities for everyone else to service those ongoing trends.

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I'd like to say that I'm keeping up with all the articles that come out each month. But I can't. The truth is that my backlog continues to grow each month. But on the positive side, that's actually because there are so many articles every month with something to say about Java performance. The articles I have got to this month include a swathe (four!) articles on GC in the IBM JVM, another bunch on performance/capacity management, a couple on J2ME, and others on Swing, XML, JMS and more.

Javva The Hutt talks about infinitely fast computers, and comes to a surprising conclusion; we interview Alex Rossi who successfully scaled a large enterprise Java system seven years ago; our question of the month explains how to choose a profiler; the roundup covers several very interesting questions and answers from performance discussion groups, and, of course, we have all the latest performance tips extracted in concise form.

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Java performance tuning related news.

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