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News May 22nd, 2003

Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!

Modern Garbage Collection Tuning
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We've seen quite a few changes in ownership of Java performance tools vendors recently. VMGear (OptimizeIt) was taken over by Borland; Sitraka (JProbe and PerformaSure) was taken over by Quest; Precise (Indepth) was taken over by Veritas; and now Mercury have taken over Performant (OptiBench). What is going on?

In each case, the buying company is already in the tools arena, and wanted to extend their reach into Java. This is all evidence of where the real action is nowadays: Java. These companies are betting millions and millions of dollars that Java is a huge success. Not just that Java is a huge success right now, which it is. The takeover prices included a large element of assumed growth which means that these companies are betting big money that Java is going to be an even bigger success going forward.

The next step for Java performance tool vendors is to provide an integrated Java performance environment (such as Quest Central) which extends across the whole enterprise. And there are a still companies with holes in their enterprise-wide Java performance strategy, so I wouldn't be surprised to see yet more takeovers happening in this area.

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JTuneTM GUARANTEES improvements with none of the above costs., started as a support site for my Java Performance Tuning JPT book. The site has outgrown that humble beginning, but there is still a synergy between the site and book. So if you found my book useful, or find useful, please vote for "Java Performance Tuning 2nd edition" in the JDJ readers choice awards It's brilliant to see that "Java Performance Tuning 2nd edition" already made the editors choice finalists list at JavaWorld. Getting into the top three at JDJ would be a great complement to that.

In the newsletter we list some fabulous articles, new tools, and more. This month I want to point out one particular tool, JFluid from one of Sun's research groups. The idea of being able to run your application in the normal HotSpot JVM and, at any time, decide you want to attach a profiler is a powerful idea, well worth supporting in my view. Download the tool, try it out, email to give him your support, and perhaps this can be moved up the Sun priority list.

In addition, we have all our usual sections. Two tool reports: The HPjtune tool which helps you analyze garbage collection statistics from verbosegc output; and IronGrid's IronEye SQL for tracing and analyzing JDBC performance. Note that IronGrid will enter you for a chance to win $2,500 in cash if you download a trial version before the end of May. Details in the tool report.

Kirk's roundup covers the subtleties of NIO select, heap tuning, clustered servers and much more. We interview Mike Norman who gives us a JDBC performance masterclass. Our question of the month considers volatile and synchronized; Javva The Hutt reports the dumbest bug ever; and, of course, we have A 100 new performance tips extracted in concise form.

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Tool Reports


Java performance tuning related news.

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