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News October 31, 2003

Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!

Modern Garbage Collection Tuning
Shows tuning flow chart for GC tuning

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Happy Birthday to A week ago we turned three. In those three years time we've doubled our readership every year, and turned slowly from a book support site into a magazine -- though we aren't fully there by any means.

We always have plans to improve the site. Topmost is additional relevant content, but next on the list is the search facility that so many of you have asked us to include. And we'll get to, soonish. In the meantime, if we haven't categorized your search choice I'm afraid you'll have to search the rawtips page with a simple string search to find what you want.

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There were 224 command line options to the java executable in 1.4.1. I think I read that in one of the JavaOne presentations. That's an awfully large number of options. The downside is that most of them are undocumented. I know, because I spend a lot of time trying to find documentation for options so that I can explain them in my books, articles and courses. The upside is that you can be sure that the defaults are not ideal for anyone's application. So that's a huge amount of tuning opportunity for everyone.

Naturally, if we do find documentation or tuning tips relevant to anything in Java, we'll list it here at This month though, one of our readers pointed out that although we extract tips from all over the web, we haven't done so from one of our own sources, namely Kirk's roundup. Our reader pointed out that the discussion groups throw up some pretty useful tips, and although Kirk covers them, they aren't actually listed amongst our list of extracted tips! So we have spent some time going back though some of Kirk's roundups, extracting tips for our tips database.

And since we also know that you look here to find out the latest in Java performance articles, we've added a new section listing those articles being added to our ArticleList page which is a huge resource of Java performance links including all our old news items.

This month we have a new tool report, showcasing Borland's Optimizeit Enterprise Suite; Kirk's roundup covers singletons in multi-threaded applications, what do when your tuned bean is only sometimes faster, Swing and animation, and much more; Our interview this month is with Steve Mayer, an authority on Java garbage collection. Our question of the month answers how HotSpot boosts performance;

Javva The Hutt follows up lasts month JVM peristent storage, and details his department outing in his diary; and, of course, we have new performance tips extracted in concise form.

Tool Reports


Java performance tuning related news.

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Recent Articles

(Note these articles have not had their tips extracted yet, they have been added to our backlog ArticleList page)

Jack Shirazi

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