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News November 28, 2003

Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!

Modern Garbage Collection Tuning
Shows tuning flow chart for GC tuning

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Free profiler number 19 and number 20 are listed in the tools this month. Many of those profilers are open source ones, almost half sourceforge listed ones. You can find the full list together with many other tools on our resources page.

When I first saw how many different profilers people are building, I thought it a shame that all that effort was being wasted in duplication. But then, I decided that choice is a plus, not a minus, and the more the merrier. With 20 free profilers and many more commercial ones, you have no excuse for not profiling your application. Except indecision. Or maybe not.

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This month's newsletter is the Tate special. Dedicated to the Tate Modern museum in London (well not really, but read on). Not that I really like most modern art, but sometimes it can be highly spectacular. And Olaf Eliasson's "The Weather Project" where a huge hall has been converted into an indoor weather machine is definitely spectacular.

Almost by coincidence, we have a lot from another Tate modern this month, Bruce Tate who is himself state of the art. Bruce is Mr. Antipattern in the Java world, and if you haven't read about antipatterns then you are missing out on a huge source of performance tips -- it is fair to say that a large number of antipatterns have a significant amount to say about performance.

Kirk interviews Bruce in this month's interview, and we went out to find any available online pages of Bruce's work to extract tips for this month's tips page, and found an extraordinary 100 performance tips from half a dozen online URLs by him! Well done Bruce.

In addition, we have all our usual sections. Kirk's roundup covers the benefits of profiling, efficient caching, range searching, optimal J2EE applications, and much more. Our question of the month covers how to deal with OutOfMemoryErrors; Javva The Hutt meets J2EE performance cavemen; and, of course, we have over 100 new performance tips extracted in concise form.

Oh, and one last thing. Kirk and I are talking at JavaPolis next week, so if anyone is going to be there, swing by and say hello.


Java performance tuning related news.

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