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News February 29, 2004

Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!

Modern Garbage Collection Tuning
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Performance support in the JVM needs three aspects to it:

  1. Monitoring the runtime system to be able to analyze where the performance bottlenecks are, with the monitoring having a low overhead
  2. High performance optimizations applied by the sytem where known optimizations can be applied
  3. Automatic dynamic adjusting of runtime configuration parameters to improve performance with minimal manual tuning

It's fair to say that until now "1" was not really available for JVMs; "2" is beginning to mature, with HotSpot technology capable of applying many standard optimizations as well as some proprietary OO optimizations; and "3" actually began to become available with the garbage collection algorithms becoming flexible, varied, and capable of some automatic dynamic adjustments to optimize the runtime performance.

Now the early release version of 1.5 is available, and it looks like the JVM is beginning to mature. After all, any system that doesn't have low overhead monitoring capabilities on it's basic statistics is really not a mature system; and finally 1.5 sees a version of low overhead monitoring being added to the JVM. So with the compiler maturing, and the runtime beginning to mature, the Java runtime as a whole is progressing well.

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In the newsletter we list our usual raft of articles, news, and more. In addition, we have all our usual sections. Kirk's roundup covers object relational mapping tools, the performance difference in iterators and enumerations, different GC algorithms, and more; Our interview is with Lax Sakalkale, Senior Product Manager of the Optimizeit performance solutions at Borland Software Corporation; And our question of the month asks about what to do when you have the option of multiple features and you want to choose the optimal performing one.

Javva The Hutt continues his diary and finds he's become a news star; We have a new cartoon, an article about Fast Random Access, and, of course over 70 new performance tips extracted in concise form.


Java performance tuning related news.

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