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News April 28, 2004

Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!

Modern Garbage Collection Tuning
Shows tuning flow chart for GC tuning

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Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!

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Last month's feature article on the Commando Pattern was an April fool. The code works exactly as advertised, but it is not a pattern because it is not a good practice. It is not even an anti-pattern because, despite the odd person who may have used it for real, it is not something that is used frequently in projects. Well done to those of you who spotted the joke, and sorry to those who didn't, but we like our April fool. At least you were in good company, I got more responses for that pattern article than I have for almost anything else on this site, and you were evenly split on whether you realized it was an April fool. At least you appeared to be, but of course you guys and gals may have been playing a yet more subtle April fool back at me ...

If you enjoyed that April fool, you might also enjoy last year's April fool, our interview with James L. Frank giving the "true" story of the creation of Java.

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In the newsletter we list our usual raft of articles, news, and more. In addition, we have all our usual sections. Kirk's roundup covers maintainability vs. performance, SQL tuning, Value objects, messaging and more; Our interview is with Gavin King, founder Hibernate; And our question of the month asks how to profile an applet.

Javva The Hutt rolls up his sleeves for a bout of performance tuning; We have a new cartoon, an article about double dispatching, and, of course nearly 100 new performance tips extracted in concise form.

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Java performance tuning related news.

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