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News August 30, 2004

Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!

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There have been a few people complaining lately about how successful Java is. Comments such as "There are no good Java hackers [coders]"; "J2EE is academic"; And Daniel Steinberg, the editor of, saw derision from an audience because an application was written in Java. It seems the I.T. species known as sadus loserus are jealous because we Java developers just get on with it.

Perhaps it was only to be expected. In I.T. it seems, only new or unsuccessful niche things are cool. Java was cool when it was new, but now it is mainstream and one of the two big winners in our industry, so it can't possibly be cool any more. And since some people require opinions to be rebutted with facts before they can dismiss those opinions, here are some facts:

  1. There are good coders in every language in use. Otherwise there would be so few successful programs in that language that it would die. As has happened with quite a few programming languages.
  2. J2EE is used in thousands and thousands of successful commercial applications, making money for those companies every day. That's not the definition of academic.
  3. Derision specifically because a program is written in any language, whatever that language, tells me only how sad the derisive person is and nothing about the language or program.

So next time you see one of these sad little put downs of Java, respond in the most appropriate way. Smile and say "yes, dear". Then get on with your Java projects. And enjoy being a winner.

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In the newsletter we list our usual raft of articles, news, and we provide all our usual sections. Kirk discusses virtual memory, coding best practices, and shows how to identify the cause of a performance problem from even a tiny amount of information in his roundup; Javva The Hutt gives us a Java implementation of a committee in his latest diary entry; we also have another new performance tuning cartoon from our cartoonist "profiler"; we interview Chuck Palczak from Veritas, who identifies exactly what to look out for in your applications to avoid bad performance; Our Question of the month considers if the heap can be too big many new performance tips extracted in concise form,

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Java performance tuning related news.

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