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News March 31, 2005

Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!

Modern Garbage Collection Tuning
Shows tuning flow chart for GC tuning

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Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!

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Java is 10 years old (from release). Since that first version was released, we have seen orders of magnitude improvement in performance with better garbage collection algorithms, just-in-time (JIT) compilation, adaptive performance optimization (HotSpot), and huge performance improvements in Java code and JVM native code.

When Java was first released, performance was that of a middling interpreted language - now it is as fast as any compiled language (including C) and only the design of your application holds back performance, which is as it should be. For sure there are still improvements to be made in certain areas - look at the Java chat we report on in this issue and you'll see the desktop guys are targeting translucency and anti-aliasing performance for 6.0. But even for the desktop, the more core issues such as hardware acceleration have already been tackled.

So happy birthday Java, you are pretty fast for a 10 year old. I wonder what you'll be like at 20.

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In the newsletter we list our usual raft of articles, news and tools, and columns. We bring you another new tool report, Enerjy's Performance Profiler (see our tool report page to access previous tool reports); Kirk delves into memory leaks, thread pools, tail recursion and much more in his roundup of performance discussions; and we have over 60 new performance tips extracted in concise form.


Java performance tuning related news.

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