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News March 2006

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It's not often that we point out a single application. But the old dodderers who always claim Java isn't fast enough like to wheel out that sad old saw "That's why you never see Java games". So when we saw that a game written in Java, "Tribal Trouble" by Oddlabs, made the top 4 games of the year for 2005, we thought it worth pointing out.

We have a few links below in the newsletter, reviews and interviews with the developers. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the developers were significant contributors to the LWJGL (Lightweight Java Game Library), which is undoubtedly much better for that input. A quick visit to the LWJGL site shows the range of Java games already available, and the excellent reviews of "Tribal Trouble" show that a Java game is now only dependent on developer and artistic skill to succeed.

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There are now many huge public sites built using Java, demonstrating scaling to the highest loads and numbers of users; many mission critical enterprise applications written in Java showing highly scalable throughput with excellent reponse times; many successful near-realtime critical trading systems written in Java where millisecond responses equates to higher profits; and successful games written in Java that could only be successful if Java provided the low-level speed to match the demanding requirements of modern gameplayers. All this may be old news to many of you, but we felt it worth pointing out.

Now read on for our news, our selected articles and their extracted tips, and for Kirks roundup on the current state of Java Threading.

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Tribal Trouble


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Jack Shirazi

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