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News December 2006

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Java 6 has been released just as we've finally moved our production systems to Java 5. And I see that a number of bugs fixed in Java 6 are being backported to the next Java 5 release - I'd love to say that this was because of my October newsletter, but in reality I'm sure that Sun planned to do this at some point - it's not really reasonable to expect all customers to leap to the Java 6 JVM anytime soon and so critical bugs needed to be backported.

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I have a suggestion for Sun. Alternate bug fix and feature releases. I know this would be painful, but I'd really like to see the next 1.5 release holding only bug fixes, and no new features at all. Mixing new features with bug fixes in the same release just makes it too easy for new bugs to get into the release - I was previously stuck on 1.4.1 in production for far too long because each time we tested a move to 1.4.2, we hit a different critical bug that had been introduced in patch releases. I'd rather not have the same thing happen again.

Now on to our newsletter. First off, oops, we had the wrong devX link in last month's newsletter, the "Real-Time Tracking and Tuning for Busy Tomcat Servers" article is at and not the one we linked to. Javva the Hutt continues to tell us all about what he was doing while he was away. (For those of you who don't know Javva, or want a reminder, we've added a page for you to access all his old columns here.) And of course we have our other news, this months selected articles, tools, and our many new extracted performance tips.

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Java performance tuning related news.


Java performance tuning related tools.

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Jack Shirazi

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