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News August 2007

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Earlier this year, Sun Microsystems swung back into profit after five consecutive quarterly losses. That didn't help the share price, it went down. They announced innovative new products. That didn't help the share price, it went down. They announced a share buy-back. That didn't help the share price, it went down. This month, they changed the company ticker name (the four character name under which the company is registered in the stock market) from SUNW to JAVA. The share price finally went up.

So much for the "efficient market hypothesis" (the idea that everything known about a stock is already in the price). This is a market lead by sentiment - and clearly the sentiment towards Java is pretty positive. (Those of you interested in a bit of trivia, the SUNW ticker name was chosen as an acronym from 'Stanford University Network Workstation'.)

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So what does all that tell us? Two things. First, Java is still the place to be. And second, guessing what will move a share price - and which way it will go if it does move - is a mugs game. So, now on with important stuff: this month's newsletter. This month, Kirk has taken a look at Javascript performance. Yes, we know JavaScript is not Java, but it is increasingly used on the client side for a lot of Java apps, so of interest. In addition we have our usual news, article links, tools, and extracted tips. Javva the Hutt tells us about how he analysed his threads after reading Heinz Kabutz's advice; and, of course we have extracted all the tips from those articles.

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Java performance tuning related news.


Java performance tuning related tools.

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Jack Shirazi

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