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News October 2007

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It seems like every month I'm talking about Java popularity rather than Java performance. Looking back over the last few months I've analysed current language rankings (Java was easily the top language), reported on those fabulous numbers from JavaOne (five billion Java-powered devices worldwide), and noted the positive effect of the new JAVA ticker on Sun's share price

And when the Java blog-column-chat-site-o-sphere was all excited about Dilbert mentioning Java in his strip I knew I'd be doing it again. Partly it's because I'm surprised at just how popular Java is - our industry is quite fad-ish, and Java has been top of the pile for so long that I was sort of expecting some kind of sustained challenge from something else by now. And partly it's the surprise of finding myself in such a mainstream language - I spent many years being paid to program in Prolog and in Smalltalk and I got used to being niche. When I piled headlong into Java in 1995 because I saw it as a better Smalltalk (it did some things not as well, but most things better), I was expecting it to be a popular language, but even so it's success has exceeded my expectations.

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Now on with our newsletter. And in keeping with that Dilbert cartoon, we've invited our own cartoonist, profiler, back to produce another of those excellent performance tuning cartoons. You can see all of profiler's previous cartoons here. We hope to be able to bring more from profiler in the future. And, of course, we have our usual news, article links, tools, and extracted tips. Javva the Hutt is on holiday, but we have an updated tool report on eoLogic's eoSense for WebLogic and WebSphere, and our usual extracted tips from all those articles.

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Java performance tuning related news.


Java performance tuning related tools.

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Jack Shirazi

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