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News April 2008

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First off, my apologies to Dan Diephouse for mis-spelling his name in last month's interview - now corrected.

Now, about our newsletter. And I got an email from an open source performance tool support company, pointing out that I've recently mentioned several of the rivals in their space, but not their product. And they are right. And I'm afraid they are not the only one. You see, when I started back in 2000, there were few enough tools in the Java performance space that I could pretty much keep an eye on everything out there. But over the last seven years the number of tools that are relevant has grown beyond what I can watch - even though I still do performance work practically every day, and am eager to know about anything new that will help me do that better. I just can't keep up.

There are now so many tools out there, that you have to keep me up to date, I'm afraid, if you want to ensure we are aware of your Java performance tool. Of course, I will try to be aware of tools, and significant releases for tools anyway, but honestly, there are just too many now. It's a measure of Java's success that the market can handle so many tools, and also that so many Java programmers are willing to work on so many open source projects.

I think that it's also worth mentioning to any vendors out there that one of the very best ways to ensure your Java performance related product is noticed by the Java community, is to advertise here (and before anyone complains about me doing a plug here, bear in mind that this is incredibly rare; it's appropriately in context; all our advertising is appropriate for the site and our readers; and finally the advertising is what allows us to provide all this very relevant high quality information free to you).

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Now on with the newsletter. We have our usual lists of Java performance tools, news, and articles. Worth singling out is Cliff Click's blog entry - Cliff was the lead programmer for the HotSpot -server compiler when he was with Sun, and often has interesting things to say in his blog, and the linked one detailing the differences between concurrent and serial programming is a must-read. And amongst the articles, don't miss Kirk's "questions to ask the application users", Scott Oaks telling you why you should be tuning every 33rd line of code on average, and Marinescu & Humble finding out how to make a system as scalable as eBay and Amazon.

As if all that wasn't enough, we also have Kirk interviewing Joe Walker on Javascript load testing and DWR; Javva The Hutt tells us about how long it can take to fix a one character bug; and, as usual, we have extracted tips from all of this month's referenced articles.

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Jack Shirazi

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