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News March 2009

Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!

Modern Garbage Collection Tuning
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100 newsletters! Yes, this is our 100th monthly newsletter. Since our first newsletter in December 2000, we haven't missed a single month. Over those eight and a third years of newsletters, we've brought you thousands of Java performance tips (too many to count but I think close to eight thousand), admittedly not all great, and some even no longer valid, but mostly I think we've done a pretty good job on those tips; we've notified you of hundreds of Java performance tools; we've kept you up to date on all the relevant Java performance news; we've drawn your attention to hundreds of useful Java performance related articles; we've supplied dozens of our own Java performance articles; our dedicated cartoonist "profiler" has produced many Java performance cartoons for your amusement; we've provided you with tool reports and interviews and answers to your questions of the month; and we've brought you the diary of Javva the Hutt, our somewhat whimsical Java performance specialist.

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It's been a blast. Thank you for reading our sites, thank you for your feedback over that time, the congratulatory feedback and the ranting feedback and the querying feedback and the pleased feedback and the annoyed feedback, we've enjoyed it all.

This is beginning to sound like a goodbye newsletter, but it's not, not at all. I just stepped back to have a look at that 100 newsletter period, and I just never imagined, when I penned that first newsletter that the site would grow to this. I tend to quote fifty thousand readers of our sites and that's a very conservative estimate. Using some measures we get a hundred thousand readers in a month. That just amazes me. Thank you all.

And here's a cheer for our next hundred newsletters. As long as you keep reading them, we'll try to keep making them.

Now on with our 100th newsletter. We have our usual lists of Java performance tools, news, and articles. Javva The Hutt tells us about his changing point of view; at fasterj we have a new cartoon understanding reference types and, of course, we have extracted tips from all of this month's referenced articles.

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Java performance tuning related news.


Java performance tuning related tools.

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Jack Shirazi

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