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Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!

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It may be my imagination and definitely just anecdotal but I have the distinct impression that the JavaSphere has gone into overdrive. I'm seeing more useful articles, blogs and discussions than I have for a long time. Startups using Java seem to popping up more often than I can remember, job openings seem to be up, and there's a buzz around Java that we haven't had for a while. Part of this will be down to Java 8 being released, and part down to the general economy improving, but it seems to me to be even more than that. I have a sneaking suspicion that we've entered a strong Java upswing. I guess in time we'll see if I'm right.

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I sometimes list articles written by product vendors in the newsletter. I'm not paid for these, they get in on merit because they've got something useful or interesting to say about Java performance. It's unsurprising really - Java performance tool vendors often have a lot of experience and customer stories about Java performance issues and we all benefit by finding out about the information. It's always better to learn from others mistakes than to make your own :-)

But note that I'll only list the article if it has useful Java performance information that is independent of the product, written in a readable and interesting way. I'm just like you, the readers of this newsletter: I don't mind the product being there in the background, but I don't want it blasted in my face since I'm primarily interested in Java performance related information. So on to those links to Java performance articles, tools, news and, as ever, all the extracted tips from all of this month's referenced articles. And if you've ever wondered how milk containers can affect network performance, one of this month's articles listed below tells you.

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Java performance tuning related news.


Java performance tuning related tools.

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Jack Shirazi

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