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Please help me. I've referenced around 700 tools over the years in my newsletters, and the information needs organising and refreshing. I started last year aiming to produce a tool page for each category of tool, and from lack of time have so far only managed three categories - GC Log Analysers, Multi-Tenancy JVMs and Books.

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Despite my best intentions to provide you all with a valuable resource of a page for each type of tool, I just don't have the time. So I'm asking for volunteers who would be willing to maintain the pages. For you as a volunteer, it could offer the prospect of becoming an expert in a particular area of Java performance tooling, you'd have your name and contact details (if desired) at the top of the page as the maintainer, and looking over a small set of tools once every couple of months is all you'd need to do. See those three pages for examples, the updating required is simple, just to a) add a tool if a new one comes a long; b) keep the year of the last update in brackets up to date and the tools sorted in date order so that readers can easily see which are being maintained and; c) remove a tool if it becomes unavailable.

As you can see the task set is easily doable, and this would generate a very useful resource for the Java performance community (I'm only interested in Java performance tools, not the wider range of development or operations tools). I know from feedback that these tools pages are valuable to all our community. I need volunteers for tool pages for those three plus new pages listing the following tools: Application performance management (APM); profilers; monitoring tools; collections (possibly several pages, e.g. primitive collections, maps, lists); concurrency frameworks; sorting frameworks; load testing; GC tuning; thread analysers; web performance tools; UI; I/O; troubleshooting; sizeof; logging; ... and probably others (suggestions welcome).

I have at the moment only one restriction, which is that to keep the listings independent: if you work for a company that produces a tool listed on the page, or you develop one of the tools listed on a page, you can't be a maintainer of that page.

Now on to those links to Java performance articles, tools, news and, as ever, all the extracted tips from all of this month's referenced articles.

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Java performance tuning related news.


Java performance tuning related tools.

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Jack Shirazi

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