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News March 2018

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This month I have pulled together a Java performance in Docker focused newsletter: the tools, the articles and talks, and the tips, are all about Java performance in Docker. Note all the existing tips on Java performance apply to Java in Docker, but there are some additional things that are useful to know about that only really apply to Docker and that's the focus here.

Of course the JVM is already a container, but it doesn't do well at restricting resource usage, and when you add in the desire to orchestrate many many JVMs in multiple regions, it's not surprising that the Kubernetes with Docker combination to run JVMs is gaining a lot of traction.

It's still the case that if you want to gain the last nano of performance from your JVM application that you want to run a JVM on bare metal and tune incredibly tightly, but the vast majority of applications are more relaxed and are fine running in a container.

And there's even an interesting likely evolution of containers in the cloud where we're likely to see the cloud virtual machine give way to cloud infrastructure that hosts containers directly, giving an extra efficiency to running in a container if you're cloud based - because the container has lower overhead than a cloud virtual machine, so you'll benefit with no real cost!

Now on to our usual Java performance news section, followed by those Java performance in Docker tools, articles, talks. And of course those tips from this month's articles and talks, as ever are extracted into this month's tips page.

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Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!


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Jack Shirazi

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