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Java 11 is released in a month (on 25th Sep). It seems like only 6 months ago that I listed all the Java 10 performance features, and of course that's because it was only 6 months ago - that's the new release cadence for Java. Regardless of other aspects, the new cadence and communications is great for manageably understanding the new features that we're getting. So naturally, just as I did 6 months ago for Java 10, this month I'm again listing all the new performance features and how to use them, for Java 11. All of our regular sections, tools, news, and articles/blogs/talks are focused on Java 11 related features, starting with the news section listing every significant new feature in Java 11, the performance benefits from that feature, and how to use the feature.

Now on to all those sections, but first I'll mention the most important performance item in Java 11 - one that is not listed: The CMS GC is still there! Despite the insistence of many a commentator that CMS would be gone in Java 11, it is still there, which will come as a huge sigh of relief for many many companies who were not yet seeing adequate enough performance from G1.

And of course the tips from this month's articles and talks, are extracted into this month's tips page.

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Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!


Java performance tuning related news - significant new performance features:

Java performance tuning related news - minor new performance features:

Java performance tuning related news - the remaining new features in Java 11 have no expected performance benefit but are also not expected to cause any negative performance impact, and are listed here just for completeness of feature listing:


Java performance tuning related tools.


Jack Shirazi

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