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Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!

Modern Garbage Collection Tuning
Shows tuning flow chart for GC tuning

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Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!

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My newsletters cover everything Java performance related: tips; news; tools; interesting but not that useful things; useful and immediately applicable things; etc. My personal output (other than these newsletters) tends to focus on that latter area, useful and immediately applicable for the majority of Java developers and engineers.

Although I've written whole books, contributed chapters to books, published over 60 articles in many different publications, been granted a patent, and given talks at a variety of conferences, I typically don't push my own work in these newsletters (221 newsletters so far!) - mainly because there's so much Java performance stuff out there to cover. But this month, with yet another recording of one of my talks out, I decided to produce a "Jack Special" newsletter. Of course I still include news and tools sections covering what's new or noteworthy; only the article section is devoted to my recent output and naturally these are all Java performance related, very useful, and immediately applicable.

My Devoxx talk covers how to tackle all the main performance problems; my Java2Days talk delves into some of those in a little more detail; and my JaxLondon concurrency talk provides you with: an understanding of exactly where the real problems are in concurrency; the various options available to you and their strengths and weaknesses; processes for choosing how to address your problems; and an integrated view of low, medium and high-level concurrency to help you understand how it all fits together. I hope you enjoy my work and find it interesting, but more importantly for me is that it's useful to you.

Now on to this month's tips, tools, news, articles, and talks from our extensive community. And of course the tips from this month's articles and talks, as ever are extracted into this month's tips page.

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Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!


Java performance tuning related news.


Java performance tuning related tools.


Jack Shirazi

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