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As this is the last newsletter of the 2010s decade, I thought I'd look at the first one of the decade to contrast. That newsletter started by noting that Oracle has completed taking over stewardship of Java, so it's now a decade of Oracle in charge, and I think that has gone well. JRockit was indeed merged into HotSpot, and the biggest gain for what is now OpenJDK is Java Mission Control and Java Flight Recorder which gives Java unparalleled observability into production systems amongst any language platform.

The 2010 news included a JVM version update with the performance improvements, a trend that has continued the entire decade, release after release which (apart from security-only releases) included performance improvement after performance improvement, many targeted at things that weren't available or didn't matter a decade prior. And you gain those improvements by running your application on the newer JDK version without making application changes!

These two things, the unparalleled observability and the ability to use platform improvements independently of the application version, are really what will continue to leave the JDK the primary platform of choice for the whole of the coming decade.

Now on to this month's tips, tools, news, articles and talks. And of course the tips from this month's articles and talks, as ever are extracted into this month's tips page.

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Jack Shirazi

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