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There are many parts of our IT industry that are unnecessarily duplicated by multiple vendors and projects. One such part is the gathering of metrics produced from your applications. These metrics are either known common ones that are almost always collected (thread counts, CPU consumption, etc) or application specific but benefit from a common collection API.

After decades of every vendor/project/application building their own implementation for these, we're finally going to have a commonly available implementation and standard from the OpenTelemetry project. I see most vendors have or are moving to support this, and I expect industry-wide adoption pretty quickly - after all, no one makes money from implementing this basic telemetry producing/gathering capability any more, so there's no point in not using the OpenTelemetry implementations.

If you're not doing it yet, you should plan to support an OpenTelemetry implementation. Now on to this month's tips, tools, news, articles and talks. And of course the tips from this month's articles and talks, as ever are extracted into this month's tips page.

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Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!


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