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News July 2023

Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!

Modern Garbage Collection Tuning
Shows tuning flow chart for GC tuning

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Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!

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Performance means different things to different people. Many Java performance articles, blogs and talks focus on low latency and CPU caches or handling concurrency and avoiding serialized execution. I - and many people - find these articles very interesting and useful in specific situations.

They're exciting topics. But the most common performance concerns are much more mundane. Which thread is consuming too much CPU (the tools section below has some old tools for identifying that, as does the "Thread analysers" link at the top of the page)? Where do I find my memory leak (I have a talk specifically for that and the "Heap dump analysers" link at the top of the page will help you too)? How do I fix my GC (this is much easier with modern JVMs than it used to be)? Why is my DB comms so inefficient (any JDBC profiler - like p6spy will help you there)?

I gave a comprehensive talk on all the common performance concerns a few years ago, and it's still pretty accurate (except for GC tuning which has moved on as I mention above). I try to help the majority of you! Now on to all the usual newsletter list of links, tips, tools, news and articles, and as usual I've extracted all the tips into this month's tips page

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Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!


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