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Tips September 2011

Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!

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Threading Essentials course

Get rid of your performance problems and memory leaks!

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But what about performance testing using virtualization? (Page last updated July 2011, Added 2011-09-27, Author Kirk Pepperdine, Publisher kodewerk). Tips:

A Non-Foolish Consistency (Page last updated July 2011, Added 2011-09-27, Author Kyle Brandt, Publisher serverfault). Tips:

How to get C like performance in Java (Page last updated May 2011, Added 2011-09-27, Author Peter Lawrey, Publisher vanillajava). Tips:

Java Threads on Steroids (Page last updated August 2011, Added 2011-09-27, Author Wojciech Kudla, Publisher JavaLobby). Tips:

Application Performance Monitoring in production - A Step-by-Step Guide - Part 1 (Page last updated April 2011, Added 2011-09-27, Author Michael Kopp, Publisher dynatrace). Tips:

High Performance And Smarter Logging (Page last updated June 2011, Added 2011-09-27, Author Archanaa Panda, Publisher JavaLobby). Tips:

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