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Question of the month: Performance options

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What do you use on a regular basis for looking up performance options?

Well, primarily we have a database of material we have compiled, which we regularly update in order to keep our performance courses up to date. That is not publically available, though we do publish everything useful in those courses.

However, on occasion when we do not have access to the courses or are missing some item, we use Joseph Mocker's excellent compendium of JVM options which lists many many obscure as well mainstream options, and happily also links through to relevant articles for many of those options.

As with many of the most up to date items of information about Java, this link first made prominence in one of the performance discussion groups which Kirk Pepperdine covers in our Roundup, and so came to our attention from Kirk's roundup, all past editions of which can be found here at our main newsletter page

If it's about Java performance, you might not hear it here first, but you will hear it here soon enough since we cover everything that the net has to offer in Java performance.

The team

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